What are siblings?

Siblings are two or more children who have at least one commonbiological or legal (adoptive) parent.
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Why do you have siblings?

The reason you have siblings is because your parents wanted another baby and becuase they want a bigger family. Also siblings are to play and have fun with.

Who is Terrell Davis?

He used to be an NFL RB for 7 seasons with the Denver Broncos. In 1998 he won the Super Bowl MVP. He had three touchdowns, which was a Super Bowl first and he also had 157 yar (MORE)

Does cheryl cole have any siblings?

she has 4 she has a half brother called Joesph he is 32 a half sister called gill and a half brother called Andrew who are both 29 and a brother Garry who is 22

What is a sibling?

A sibling is another word for a brother or sister (not genderspecific). If someone asks you "Do you have siblings?" it meansthey are asking you if you have brothers or sisters (MORE)

Is cheryl terrell related to tammy terrell?

I don't think so. Tammi Terell was originally named: Thomasina Winifred Montgomery. Not unless her sister decided to change her name too! Well, I hope this helped. . see be (MORE)