Who is responsible for a external fire that caused damage on outside of apartment the tenant or landlord?

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Is the homeowner or the tenant responsible for damages caused by a tree falling on a rented property?

\n. \n Liability for Fallen Tree \n. \nHomeowner's insurance would be the first recourse. If insurance does not cover the damages the owner of the property would be responsible.\n. \n. \n One Possible Exception \n. \nThe answer above is fundamentally accurate but the tenant is not autom ( Full Answer )

Is the tenant or landlord responsible for carpet cleaning?

Answer . If the tenant made it dirty, he should clean it. If the tenant moves out and leaves it dirty it should be charged against his cle aning deposit. Anything else needs to be spelled out in the rental agreement.

Can a landlord come in apartment without the consent of tenant?

Yes, in case of emergency (flood, etc.). If no emergency, landlord is still entitled to come in just to look around if he gives the tenant 12 hours notice (at least in Florida). Of course,that is not to say the landlord should be popping in every week!

Is the landlord responsible for paying for damages to car paint etching due to a leak in the shared tenant garage?

It'll depend on who "owns" the leak. If it's the other tenant (overflowing sink for instance), then there's your defendent. If it's a broken pipe, it's the owner of the property. The landlord will likely not be personally liable (unless he's also the owner), but will act as owner's representitive. ( ( Full Answer )

What rights do a tenant have regarding the landlord loud music barken dog tenants not allowed to have a dog and tenants apartment was broken in and the main door not damage but the tenants door?

My apartment was broken into and the front door locks were riped out the framing of the door was riped out the main door to the building was not damaged and the police stated that this was a inside job the landlord dog barks day and night when I rent this apartment they didn't have a dog and in our ( Full Answer )

Can landlord insurance cover damage from tenant move out?

Well, what do you mean by Landlord Insurance? There is property insurance and Tenant or Renter's Insurance. The former covers any damage to the property by a storm, fire, burglary, etc., but not anything inside the unit, meaning, anything owned by the tenant. That's what Tenant insurance is for.. T ( Full Answer )

Is the tenant or landlord responsible for bed bugs?

I think yes, it is a maintenance issue/major health concern within the building/unit ! The landlord should make sure all units are infestation safe proof, and have an exterminator at hand. If an outbreak happens to occur, the landlord should fix all units just to be safe as well.

Is the landlord responsible for tenant injuries?

US state laws vary. If the injury was caused by something that the landlord was required to maintain/install/repair then in most cases, they will be held responsible. Example: State and federal law require buildings to have safety rail on both sides of staircases. If a tenant slips in a bathtub of r ( Full Answer )

Is the landlord or tenant responsible for damage caused by attempted break in?

If the damage was not done by you or someone you know and you file a police report then the landlords insurance should cover it. But he may not want to claim it. If he dont want his rates to go up. Or he may raise your rent. His insurance only covers the building. you mite want to get renters insura ( Full Answer )

What if landlord rents apartment while old tenant still there?

Depending on where you live your landlord may have to give you a certain number of days notice before you are required to leave the premises (unless you are putting yourself or someone else in danger). Until then, you are not the old tenant, but the current tenant and your rented property can not be ( Full Answer )

Is the homeowner responsible for water damage caused by the tenant?

Any damages caused to a building which is under lease and which are directly caused by the tenant are normally deducted from the bond if necessary. Otherwise, the tenant is responsible for paying for the repairs, but it is the landlord/homeowner who must get the repairs done (they then pass the bill ( Full Answer )

Must a tenant supply the landlord with a key to their apartment?

I meet a lot of landlords who think they should have a key. I don't know why they need one. The landlord should never be entering the unit without the tenant's permission, and, preferably, with the tenant there. Some say that they should have a key in case of an emergency. But, if there is a fire, y ( Full Answer )

Who is responsible for Bedbug treatment cost in WI - landlord or tenant?

Usually bed bug treatment is the responsibility of landlord but itmight vary from country to country. You should check if or notsomething is mentioned in your rental agreement papers about this.If your landlord refuses to bear the cost, I suggest you to don'tlet the infestation grow and immediately ( Full Answer )

Pest control - who is responsible - landlord or tenant?

It depends on two things..which can vary from state to state 1.The landlord tenant laws in your state... 2. The lease agreement. Some States require that the landlord be responsible for all forms of pest control (ie) roaches,rats,mice,bees,bed bugs,ants,spiders,ect ect.. Some States only require th ( Full Answer )

Who is the responsible for fire accident the tenant or the landlord?

Whom ever started the fire is responsible for it. If it was caused by cooking than it would be the tenant, and the tenant would be held liable, obviously. If it was something more comples like faulty wiring for example it would be a bit trickier and it would depend on a few circumstances to ge ( Full Answer )

Is the tenant responsible for damages in a burglary?

Unless the tenant engaged in a reckless behavior that encouragedthe burglary (like placing a sign in the front yard that reads"Leaving out of town, no alarm system, back doors unlocked, pleaseburglarize it"), no person bares responsibility for the criminalactions of a third person. It's not the tena ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal for landlord to enter apartment without tenants permission?

No, not always. In cases of emergency (fire, major water leak), they may enter without delay. More generally, however, the landlord is required to give notice, e.g. 24 hours, and to enter during "normal business hours", e.g. 8AM-5PM. They would need permission otherwise but a tenant can't ref ( Full Answer )

Can a landlord use a video camera when entering tenants apartment against tenants will?

absolutely not!!! Unless you have a court order and police escort. If you do (or did) the tenants can bring criminal charges against you. If they report a theft or break-in and they find out you've even thought or asked this, the finger will go to you and they have proof. You can't erase this messag ( Full Answer )

Is the landlord or tenant responsible for damages due to a break in?

Neither, the criminal is. Well, you knew that and it wasn't the answer you were looking for so... I'm no lawyer but... Unless the landlord or tenant was somehow negligent, they are each likely responsible for their own losses. By that I mean if the thief broke through a window and stole a T ( Full Answer )

Tenant and landlord responsibilities for appliance repairs?

Appliances that are furnished by landlord are their responsibility to repair. If it has been found that the tenant damaged such appliance, the landlord may recover such damage. If the appliance was furnished by the tenant in the first place, then he is responsible for the repair. In the case of cert ( Full Answer )

Is the landlord or tenant responsible for damage to camper trailer door caused by angry wife?

That would depend on who's angry wife your talking about. If the tenants wife damages your property or your landlords property then the tenants wife is liable for those damages. Due to the extension of common law you can also be held financially liable for actions of your spouse. The landlord wou ( Full Answer )

Can a landlord legally enter a tenants apartment without permission?

In the U.K., barring emergency, a landlord is required to give a tenant 24hrs notice before entering a property. This includes cases of forced eviction. Immediate emergency entry is permitted in cases such as flooding, leaks, etc. where either the tenant is not present or where the tenant may be u ( Full Answer )

Does landlord have to provide receipts of damage to tenants?

In California, the landlord must provide copies of receipts if withholding money from the security deposit, I believe. The tenant must ask for them, they aren't automatically offered. Other states probably have similar laws. Check with your local Housing Authority.

Does a landlord responsible to exterminate an apartment?

if a tenant in a rental apartment encounters a bug infestation in the apartment does the landlord or is the landlord responsible for exterminating the apartment and or are they responsible to replace any kind of furniture or carpeting that needs to be thrown away due to the bug infestation?