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Who freed Mexico?

Several "insurgents". The one responsible for the revolt that eventually became the Mexican War of Independence was Miguel Hidalgo (1753 - 1811).
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When were all the slaves freed?

All the slaves were never freed.There are still slaves now. Yes, in history books it tell about SOME slaves beeing set free but that's just half the story.
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What if the slaves were never freed?

Then most African Americans would still be slaves, and Barack Obama would not likely be our president. It's improbable that the slaves would never have been freed, because No (MORE)

What Persian leader freed the Jews?

The Persian king, Cyrus the Great (c 560/559-530BCE) defeated the Babylonian Empire and freed the Jews.
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When were the Jews freed from the Holocaust?

Those who were in the Holocaust will never be freed from the Holocaust. If you are asking when the persecution stopped, then the answer would be 1945, May. But people continu (MORE)

When were the Israelites freed?

The Bible states that Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt 480 years before the fourth year of Solomon's reign, approximately 1444 BCE, and that 40 years later they proceeded (MORE)
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Who freed the Israelites from Assyrian captivity?

  The Israelites were never freed from Assyrian captivity. They adapted their religious beliefs to those of their captors and gradually blended into the culture that surro (MORE)

What if the slaves were not freed?

This is an extremely difficult question to answer. Three main possibilities exist: 1. The Union breaks up into two or three parts (North and Confederacy, or North, South and (MORE)

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