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Why were prisoners freed on Passover?

  There is no record of such a custom in Jewish sources, or for that matter anywhere outside the NT story regarding Barabbas and Jesus.. Of course, it IS possible that the (MORE)

What does Calypso say right after she is freed?

  Prior to dissolving into a swarm of crabs, Calypso shouts an incantation which in the script reads: "Malfaiteur en Tombeau, Crochir l'Esplanade, Dans l'Fond d'l'eau!". T (MORE)

What year were slaves freed officiallly?

the 13th amendment was ratifed in December of 1865 freeing all slaves in the united states and its' territories Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation of January 1, 1863 was a po (MORE)
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What is newly freed African-Americans?

The term newly freed African Americans is used to describe former slaves that were no longer owned by anyone else. Slavery was abolished in the United States in the year 1865. (MORE)
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Who freed the Israelites from Assyrian captivity?

  The Israelites were never freed from Assyrian captivity. They adapted their religious beliefs to those of their captors and gradually blended into the culture that surro (MORE)
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What is the story fifty shades freed about?

Fifty Shades Freed focuses on two things. The first is the newly  married relationship of Ana and Christian. The second is the fact  that there is someone out to get Christi (MORE)

Why were slaves freed in roman republic?

The slaves were not freed just during the Roman Republic. They were also freed before and after the Republic. It was a Roman custom. Its origins are not clear. It was somethin (MORE)

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