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One Tree Hill do you like it?

is awesome !! . do you like it? ido its my fav show. I love it its amazing. it is more than amazing it is the best show on tv

When will One Tree Hill return?

One tree hill is on season 6 and it is possible there will be a season 7. there will be a season 7 but that will be the last and Peyton and Lucas will not be there. there will be 4 more characters though. season 7 will NOT be the last season. there will be a season 8. i heard on the ew.com w ( Full Answer )

One Tree Hill quotes?

Go Brooke Yourself =) or "Macaroni and Cheese is food of the Gods" or excuse me, sex didn't help make me popular, I made it popular

When does One Tree Hill start?

Season 7 starts September 14th, it's new time slot is 8pm. It is also dependant on where you are. . EDIT*** One Tree Hill season 8 has started. Watch it on The CW @ 8:00-9:00PM. Tuesdays.

Will there be a One Tree Hill season 6?

yes, nd lets hope he didnt choose Lindsay!! he dosent choose Lindsey or brooke , he chooses Peyton.lol and then they get engaged in the hotel room , in which lucas proposed to her 2 yrs ago . They get married in Tree hill . Peyton becomes pregnet with lucas's baby , but she also gets sick..You can ( Full Answer )

Who is dating who on One Tree Hill?

Nathan is married to Haley. Lucas is married to Peyton. Brooke is married to Julian. Quinn is married to Clay. Mouth is appeared to be married to Milli. Tim is married Bevin. Keith and Karen are married.

Does Peyton die on One Tree Hill?

No, Peyton doesn't die. She has her baby, Sawyer, at the end of season 6. Her, Lucas and Sawyer then drive off in the comet, and don't come back in season 7 or 8.

Where is one tree hill set?

Wilmington,North Carolina In the series, the fictional town in which it's set is Tree Hill, North Carolina, the show is filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Who dies in One Tree Hill?

In the TV show "One Tree Hill" Jimmy, Keith, and Quentin die. . Jimmy shots himself in episode 16 season 3 . Keith is shot my Dan in episode 16 season 3 . Quentin is shot at a gas station by a guy names "X" who was Sam's friend Jack's older brother who also attacked Brooke and robed her ( Full Answer )

One Tree Hill?

Is an AWESOME SHOW that airs every monday on the CW at 9 oclock after gossip girl. Its the sixth season and the character are lovable and gorgeous!! Recommend it to EVERYONE. pleasee watch and if you are in the UK, then at 11.00 on e4 mon-fri its on, and Saturday 8.55 and Sunday 7.00 season 5...sea ( Full Answer )

When did One Tree Hill erupt?

it errupted 20,000 years ago. it is likely to errupt in June 2012.it will effect at least half of the north island.almost whole Auckland.

How was one tree hill formed?

The television "One Tree Hill" was formed in 2003 by Mark Schwahn.There were 9 seasons with 187 episodes total.

Angie in one tree hill?

Brooke watched Angie while she was in America having heart surgery, and then after the heart surgery was preformed successfully Angie was sent back to her country.

Who died on one tree hill?

Keith died a few seasons ago and Quinten, Q, died in the second episode of the sixth season (it may have been the first episode)

What is One Tree Hill about?

\nOne Tree Hill is about two brothers, Nathan and Lucas Scott.\nThey share the same father but have different mothers. Nathan grew up living the good life with his father and mother on the upper side of Tree Hill, while his older brother by three months, Lucas, grew up with a single mother, struggli ( Full Answer )

Is One Tree Hill good?

yes! its the best show ever! i love Peyton sawyer we should all be more like her!

How do you become on one tree hill?

well, you must be one of the characters they are talking about of course. one tree hil is based on a true story. i would know because it is my life and follows me everywhere. i will one day sue them for taking the ideas of my life and putting it on tv

What is special about One Tree Hill?

the characters are amazing! the show is so real and applicable to real life and you just cant help falling in love with Nathan and lucas like hayley and Peyton do! the guys are exremely hott! and it is a real good show that shows you what life and love should be about with a little drama thrown in f ( Full Answer )

Is One Tree Hill over?

No, it was just announced that they will continue with a season 8. The date is not yet set

Is One Tree Hill ending?

One Tree Hill has not yet been approved for an 8th season, however it hasn't been said that there will not be one.

How do you audition for one tree hill?

I LOVE ONE TREE HILL ! i have always wanted to be on there show :) it would be so good i dont know how or where you audition but i want to know?

Who is the cast of one tree hill?

Lucas Scott -Chad Michael Murray Nathan Scott -James Lafferty Dan Scott - Paul Johansson Keith Scott - Craig Sheffer Deb Scott -Barbara Alyn Woods Karen Roe -Moria Kelly Haley James Scott -Bethany Joy Lenz Galeotti Brooke Davis -Sophia Bush Peyton Sawyer -Hilarie Burton Mouth McFad ( Full Answer )

Who have died on one tree hill?

keith, jimmy , Ellie and quentin have died on one tree hill. keith, jimmy and quentin all got shot but ellie died of cancer Also, as of season 7, Haley's mom has died and so has Clay's wife,Sarah. *Jimmy shot himself . Also Dan Scott dies in season 9 of heart problems

Who is pregnant on one tree hill?

Rachel does get pregnant and Lucas' mom does also, And Haley gets pregnant rachel does not get pregnant but lucas mom n Haley n then Peyton n now Haley again

Who are the producers of one tree hill?

Gregory Prange .... executive producer / co-executive producer (83 episodes, 2004-2008) David Blake Hartley .... producer (54 episodes, 2004-2008) Joe Davola .... executive producer (44 episodes, 2004-2008) Brian Robbins .... executive producer (44 episodes, 2004-2008) Michael Tollin .... e ( Full Answer )

Who is Larry in One Tree Hill?

Larry Sawyer Larry is Peyton's father. But not her birth father. Her birth mother and father put her up for adoption once she was born and Larry and Anna adopted her. Peyton did not know she was adopted until she was in high school. I hoped that is helped

Who are One of the stars of One Tree Hill?

Sophia bush plays- Brooke Davis Hilarie Burton plays- Peyton Sawyer Bethany joy lenz/galetti plays- Haley James/Scott chad Michael Murray plays- Lucas Scott James lafferty plays- Nathan Scott Lee Norris plays- Mouth/Marvin Mcfaddin Moira Kelly plays- Karren Roe

Who has died on one tree hill?

1. Ellie Harp (3x14) 2. Jimmy Edwards (3x16) 3. Keith Scott (3x16) 4. Queinton Fields (6x3) 5. Nanny Carrie (6x5)

Who hates one tree hill?

It is the best show on TV imho Brooke is my fav character and Lucas is sexy even though he left =(

What are the names of the actors in One Tree Hill?

James Lafferty- Nathan Bethany Joy Galeotti-Haley Sophhia Bush-Brooke Paul Johansson-Dan Chad Michael Murray-Lucas Hilarie Burton-Peyton Lee Norris-Mouth Antwon Tanner-Skills Jackson Brundage-Jamie

Why did they call it one tree hill?

The town is called Tree Hill and in season one Karen tell Lucas: "There is only one Tree Hill, and it's your home".

What did dan Scott do in One Tree Hill?

dan Scott shot his brother - Keith - in the school corridor in season 3 at point blank range and in season 4 he then confessed to the police

Where is the tree on One Tree Hill?

The name of their town is called: 'Tree Hill'... There doesn't have to be a tree... It's the name of their town... and im sure their are many trees.

How old are the actors on One Tree Hill?

well, James lafferty (who plays Nathan) will be 25 on the 25 July Bethany joy galeotti (who plays Haley) is 29 chad Michael Murray (who plays lucas) is 29 also hilarie Burton (who plays Peyton) is 28 Sophia bush (who plays brooke) is 28 also also Sophia bush and chad Michael Murray used t ( Full Answer )

Is clay dead One Tree Hill?

Well, at the end of the latest season, we see the psychopathic Katie, who pretended at first to be all sweet and lovely because she wanted Clay to sign her up to his agency, but when he accidentally calls her Sarah, she researches her and pretends to be her, dying her hair blonde and convincing hers ( Full Answer )

Who is the bartender in One Tree Hill?

During seasons 5-7, Owen Morello was the bartender. He was played by Joe Manganiello. From season 7 Grubbs became the new bartender; he is played by Michael Grubbs.

Will there be a ninth season of One Tree Hill?

Yes, the CW have confirmed that there will be a ninth season of OTH. Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols, Stephen Colletti, Jana Kramer, Robert Buckley, and possibly James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Galeotti have already signed on to participate in the ninth season. Hope this helped you.

When did One Tree Hill end?

The last episode of One Tree Hill aired on 4th March 2012.so sad i cryed.we will all miss it so much no matter what.and also ill get it if you need it and ill search if you dont see it by gavin degraw i dont wanna be anything other then what i been trying to be layless all i have to do listen to me ( Full Answer )

Why is there no tree on one tree hill?

Well, there are actually heaps of trees in the little town of tree hill. The tv show title is that there is only one tree hill in the world.

What are the wedding episodes for One Tree Hill?

Brooke and Julian's wedding - Season 8 Episode 13 - The Other Half of Me Peyton and Lucas' wedding - Season 6, Episode 23 - Always and Almost Forever Lindsay and Lucas' wedding - Season 5, Episode 12 - Hundred Haley and Nathan's vow renewal - Season 3, Episode 22 - The Show Must Go On Jules and Keit ( Full Answer )

What is a quote from One Tree Hill?

" Somebody told me that this is the place where everything's better and everything's safe"- One Tree Hill, Brooke Davis, Cloths over Bros.

Who is Austin Nichols on One Tree Hill?

Austin Nichols plays the part of Julian Baker in One Tree Hill he enters the show in season 6 being Peytons ex-boyfriend after her break up with Lucas however as the show goes on Brooke and Julian go out and get married in Season 8

What' happen to the one tree hill?

After a great 9 seasons, the show sadly ended. However, Chad Micheal has been saying it's possible for a reunion!

Who is lily in one tree hill?

Lily is the daughter of the Karen and Keith. Keith is killed in season 3 because his brother dan shoots him, but before that Karen gets pregnant. Lucas feels very good knowing that a part of keith will still be with the family by way of his daughter Lily Scott.

Who is the cast in One Tree Hill?

The stars of One Tree Hill are Bethany Joy Lenz, Sophia Bush, James Lafferty, Lee Norris, Paul Johansson, Chad Michael Murray, and Hilarie Burton. Some other cast members include: Antwon Taylor, Barry Corbin, and Barbara Alyn Woods.