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Can a person be a apostle today?

Yes If the meaning for the word "apostle" is simply a loyal supporter and has no reference to Jesus or any particular time period in history. No. If the Bible definition of

Who is the person who rules russia today?

Really Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, but the president is Dmitri Mevedev. Medvedev is really Putin's stringed puppet. No one likes Putin, and actually had made a plan to assa

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Who is the fastest person in the NFL today?

The speed of NFL players is measured by their 40-yard dash time. Here is a list of drafted players that have ran the 40-yard dash in under 4.3 seconds since the NFL started

How do persons today give consent to taxation?

Persons today give consent to taxation because whoever lives in the country will benefit from it and hopefully in some way the money you pay with tax will benefit the populati

What are personal computers used for today?

they are used for "personal" use. you can use them to do what you want. talk on msn messenger things, download games, save music, whatever you feel like doing The personal com

How old is the oldest person alive today?

The oldest person (confirmed) as of 2017 is a woman, Violet Brownof Jamaica, 117 years old (born March 10, 1900).