Who is the proponent of the periodic law?

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What is the modern periodic law of the elements?

Modern Law of the Elements The modern periodic law states that, "the physical and chemicalproperties of elements are periodic functions of their atomicnumbers." It is impo

What is the modified periodic law?

The physical and chemical properties of the elements are periodic functions of their atomic numbers. The periodic law states that the repeating chemical and physical proper

What is the periodic law?

The periodic law is: When elements on the periodic table are arranged by atomic number, relationships and similarities in properties can be seen. This means that the prope

State the periodic law?

the periodic law states that the repeating chemical and physical properties of elements change periodically with the elements atomic number. what ever that means (lol)

What is proponents?

People who are 'for' something.

What was periodic law given by mendeleeve?

Mendeleev's periodic law states that "Properties of elements are periodic function of their atomic masses".

Who are the proponents of the periodic table?

The development of the periodic table is credited to Dmitri Mendeleev, although a similar organizational pattern had been previously suggested by Julius Lothar Meyer.

What is a period law?

A law that is appropriate only to the time in which it was enacted. For example during the age of the Roman Empire it was required to occasionally make a sacrifice to an idol

What are the advantages of modern periodic law?

1. The classification of elements is based on the atomic number,which is a more fundamental property. 2. The reason for placing isotopes at one place is justified as theclass