Who makes the highest amount of money earners in game show history?

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What is the largest amount of money ever won on the game show Jeopardy?

Largest Jeopardy Winnings . Rutter v. Jennings . The following is excerpted from Wikipedia: . Kenneth Wayne Jennings III (born May 23, 1974) holds the record for the longest winning streak on the U.S. syndicated game show Jeopardy! Jennings won 74 games before he was defeated by challenger N (MORE)

What is the amount of money Fall Out Boy makes?

FOB's yearly bling . Although Pete Wentz reportedly sold his nude pictures for a mere $54 USD on eBay last June, FOB's combined gross income was in the $12 - 14 Million range last year according to Forbes.com and the Feb. 15th print edition.

What is the lowest amount of money a lawyer can make?

Answer . $0. Answer . Lawyers are the same as any professional in that they can be more or less integrated into the market, which determines how each of them earn their money.. For instance, they can become associates in a law firm, and get paid on salary or through billable hour targets, or (MORE)

What is a good amount of money to make a year?

This question is almost impossible to answer, because it is so different for every person. This first thing to consider is How much money do I need to live comfortably? This can be done by planning. Here are some charts that may be relatable to you: Necessary amounts of money: Family of one Abo (MORE)

What is the oldest game show in history?

The baby game or Queen for a day are my two choices for the answer.. The Price Is Right. No the first game show ever was called "whats my line?" in 1951 And the first one on radio was called "spelling bee" broadcasted in 1938.

What are the top highest scoring games in NBA history?

The highest scoring game in NBA history was a December 13, 1983 matchup between the Detroit Pistons and the Denver Nuggets in Denver. The final score after three overtimes was 186-184 with Detroit on top. Second to that was in Hershey, PA on March 2, 1962. The Philadelphia Warriors defeated the Ne (MORE)

What was the highest scoring game in MLB history?

On August 25th, 1922, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 26-23. In the postseason, the Toronto Blue Jays defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 15-14 in Game 4 of the 1993 World Series

How money do game show contestants make?

a game show contestent usually enters they can win a certain amount of money like when who wants to be a millionaire was on t.v (or still is i don't watch much t.v but im pretty sure it got taken off) you could win up to 1 million dollars so t sort of depends if yopu tell me what game show you are t (MORE)

What is the highest amount of money a person can win on Jeopardy?

In theory, the most that can be won on a single episode of Jeopardy is $566400 by the following calculations: . The most that can be earned in the Jeopardy round is $35600 if the following criteria are met: All squares are answered correctly by the same person and the Daily Double is found on the (MORE)

What is the highest single game era in MLB history?

Since ERA is calculated by dividing by innings pitched, if a pitcher fails to record an out, his ERA will be infinity. This has probably happened over a thousand times. The next best answer is: On 8/13/2006, Kansas City's Luke Hudson pitched 1/3 of an inning and allowed 10 ER against the Indians, (MORE)

Who were the highest earners in the entertainment industry in 2008?

2008 - Oprah ($ 275 M) / George Lucas ($ 170 M) / Steven Spielberg ($ 150 M) / Madona ($ 110 M) / Tiger Woods ($ 110 M) / Jerry Bruckheimer ($ 100 M).. For a more complete list of the top 100, sorted by Rank, Pay, Name, Web Rank, Press Rank or TV Rank, see the Related Link below.

Total amount of money in a monopoly game?

A - Quantities and denominations found in standard editions of the MONOPOLY game: 30 $500 Bills (orange) , 30 $100 Bills (peach), 30 $50 Bills (light blue), 30 $20. Bills (light green), 30 $10. Bills (yellow), 30 $5. Bills (pink), 30 $1. Bills (white). Total amount of money per game = $20,580.

The amount of money that equestrians make?

Depends on what you do. You can make a lot of money winning big competitions, but only a small amount of people are that good. Also there are many equestrian jobs that make various amount of money.

What is the highest scoring hockey game in the history of the NHL?

There have been two occasions in NHL history when the two opponents have combined for 21 goals. In 1920, Montreal beat Toronto 14-7 and in 1985, Edmonton beat Chicago 12-9. The most goals scored by a single team in a game was also in 1920 when Montreal beat Quebec 16-3.

The amount of money you make determines your tax?

Your total amount of your all of your worldwide taxable income on your 1040 income tax return from all sources is the amount that will be used to determine your federal income liability for year after the income tax return is completed correctly.

What highest amount of money on a British coin in Pounds?

The highest denomination coin regularly issued by the Royal Mint is the non-circulating One Hundred Pound 1 ounce gold bullion coin. The coin has been issued in every year since 1987 and features various depictions of Britannia on the reverse. The highest general circulation coin is the Two Poun (MORE)

What is the average amount of money that a photographer makes?

A lot depends on the job. They get about $600 or more for a wedding. You know the pressure is on for this kind of a job. If the pictures don't come out you can't just go back and do them over like you can if it is a picture of a house that is for sale. You have one shot at it and that's it.

What is the largest amount of money a veterinarian can make?

There is no upper limit to a veterinarian's annual income - there are veterinarians who make over US$1,000,000 per year routinely. However, this is limited to veterinarians who are owners of several successful practices, typically at least one of which is a specialty or emergency practice. Most vete (MORE)