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Who proposed that atoms are tiny solid ball?

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What is described atoms as solid balls?

Your question should be: 'Who described atoms as solid balls?' The Answer is: John Avison. If you are doing a crossword with this question, the answer should just be Aviso

How tiny are the atoms?

They are so minuscule they cannot be seen even with the most powerful optical or even electronic ( usually in English, called Electron Microscopes). Microscopes. There was a s

Are atoms tiny?

YES! You can't even see them with the highest powered microscope in the world. We know about them by using some math formula. Treble Slur

Why do some men have tiny balls?

\nIn extreme cases, it is an actual medical problem in males called Hypogonadism. It is usually caused by a major deficiency of sex hormones and can result in infertility, mem

Why is a ball solid?

Not all balls are solid.  A tennis ball is hollow, as is a beach ball.