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Who proposed that atoms are tiny solid ball?

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Who described atoms as solid balls?

John Dalton thought that atoms were like little marbles, and also studied how elements combine to form compounds.

Thomson proposed that an atom was a ball of what with electrons embedded in it?

Thomson proposed that an atom was a ball of positive charge with electrons embedded in it. Some other things he discovered are: - that atoms are made of even smaller subatomi

Who proposed the dynamide model of atoms?

The dynamide model was proposed by Philipp Lenard in 1903. Despite  this failed model, Lenard won the 1905 Nobel Prize in Physics for  his work on cathode rays.

Why do some men have tiny balls?

    In extreme cases, it is an actual medical problem in males called Hypogonadism. It is usually caused by a major deficiency of sex hormones and can result in infert

Who proposed the Bohr model of an atom?

If you are refering to the Bohr-Rutherford model, then I would say that it was developped by Neils Bohrn and Ernest Rutherford.

Are atoms solid?

  The core of an atom where the neutron and proton are locate are solid in comparison to the electron shell, if you search for information about work carried out by Ernest