What do little mice eat?

Little mice eat small tubers and left over starchy foods. Mice arecommon in areas where there is a lot of decaying food. They like tohide in markets so that they can feed on t (MORE)

Does anyone remember a children's story from a around the 1950's called The little wee hairy man?

I remember the title of the story - I used to drive my father potty with it by asking my dad to read it to me as a bedtime story EVERY night! It came out of a book of other st (MORE)

Why is the story called Of Mice and Men?

The title is taken from a Robert Burn's poem titled "To A Mouse." In the poem, a plow overturns a mouse's burrow, to which Burns writes, "The best laid plans of mice and men o (MORE)

What Romans called little mice on a body?

In medical Latin little mice on the body meant muscles. The origin of the word muscle is the Latin word musculus (plural musculi) which meant little mouse/rodent: mus + the (MORE)