Who sings the song in the new Direct TV commercial?

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Who sings the song in the new iPod commercials?

ANSWER. . On the new iPod nano adverts (you know the really colourful ones where paint begins to drip down?), the song is sung by a band called Chairlift. The track is "Bruises" and it's really catchy. :). The lyrics on the advert are... "I tried to do handstands for you I tried to do handsta (MORE)

What song does the Dave Matthews Band sing in the television commercial for a car?

Answer . \nAMERICAN BABY. Clarification . "100 Years" is the name of the song, Five for Fighting is the band, and "The Battle for Everything" is the album. It wasn't a car commercial, but a Chase credit card commercial (obviously didn't do its job if we don't remember the product.) The Nick (MORE)

Who are the men in the Fruit of the Loom costumes that sing the 'Underwear' song heard in the TV commercial?

WOW come on you Know this that song is from a guy name Sisco. the song goes like this "let me see that thonggg...baby make your botty go " and ect. Answer I think you're thinking of the Fruit of the Loom guys singing "You Can't Ever Overlove Your Underwear". Check it out at www.fruit.com. Answe (MORE)

Who sings the song in the new Dell commercial?

Dell Commercial Song . The answer for the commercial that aired in December of 2006 is: 13th Floor Elevators "You're Going to Miss Me" from 1966.. The XPS commercial with the girls building the engine is Watch us work it by Devo.

Who sings the song for the latest Mars bar TV commercial?

New Mars Advert - 'Take Part' Featuring the song 'Make It Better' (Released on iTunes Feb 18th) Performed by Gary Nock - http://www.garynock.com Written by Levi Weaver - http://www.leviweaver.com Produced by Ben Robbins and James Radford - http://www.radfordmusic.com Watch it on youtu (MORE)

Who sing the song on the new Joe commercial?

The name of the song is "Time for the Holidays" performed by Nate Krieswirth and his band Cancel Winter.. All the songs from the Joe commercials can be found at:. www.joe.ca/Video_en.aspx

Who sings the song on the new ATT commercial?

It is Landon Pigg -- the song is called "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop." The video is below in the related links section. And YES , you probably wanted to know who sang it because you saw that dang beautiful romantic AT&T commercial! Don't worry -- it's our little secret, I won't tell anyone! (H (MORE)

Name song in new liberty mutual tv commercial?

The band's name is Hem and they are performing both songs in the last two pay-it-forward themed Liberty Mutual commercials. The first commercial used the song "Half Acre" from their first album, Rabbit Songs. The second song is "The Part Where You Let Go" which was released on an EP called "Home Aga (MORE)

Who is the actress in the new direct tv commercial?

Tanya Memme She looks a whole lot like this lady here: http://www.onemodelplace.com/member.cfm?ID=210408 What do you think? ~ Zeek Actually, it's Christina Aguilera. Check out her vidio for the base song for the commercial - Keeps Getting Better . Also, the above link is no longer valid.

Who sings song in new GM commercial?

If you're referring to the new GM commercial which has been running during the Olympics, the singer is Brandi Carlile. The song is "The Story." She and her band are amazing.. If you're referring to the new GM commercial which has been running during the Olympics, the singer is Brandi Carlile. The s (MORE)

Who sings the song on the new mcRib commercial?

Matt White : Love . is the name of the song in the new McRib commercial!! It is a very cute song!! I don't think that it belongs in a commercial about a nasty McDonalds food, but whatever atleast we found out about it!!!

The advertisement for direct tv for channel 101 - who is singing the song?

The song is called California Soul by Marlena Shaw. It's on YouTube.. +++++++ I listen to this song, and it's close but the real song is located at;. http://www.soulseduction.com/common/item_detail.php?ItemCode=B203055. The song is "Make my day" by Waldeck and the girl singer is Joy Malcolm.. It (MORE)

Who sings the song MAGIC for macy's new commercial?

The band's name is Stimulator. The song is a cover of the Olivia Newton-John song from the Xanadu soundtrack. It originally went to #1. This version is cool and new wavy, but the original ONJ version has amazing vocals.

Who sings song in the new belk commercial?

Not sure but I do want to point out the the last scene in the commercial (the one occurring just before they state "Modern. Southern ...") was shot in Chicago. Type in 330 South Dearborn Street in Google maps and check out the street view looking north!