Who sings the song in the new travelers commercial?

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Who sings the song in the new iPod commercials?

ANSWER. . On the new iPod nano adverts (you know the really colourful ones where paint begins to drip down?), the song is sung by a band called Chairlift. The track is "Bruises" and it's really catchy. :). The lyrics on the advert are... "I tried to do handstands for you I tried to do handsta (MORE)

Who sings the song in the new Telus commercial with the rabbits?

There is two new rabbit baised telus comercials. The one where the rabbits chase the female rabbit around is 'I Was made for loving you' by Kiss and the one with the rabbit ears that change colors and warp is 'Television rules the nation' by daft punk. Answer there is a new one by a female band c (MORE)

Who sings the song in the new Dell commercial?

Dell Commercial Song . The answer for the commercial that aired in December of 2006 is: 13th Floor Elevators "You're Going to Miss Me" from 1966.. The XPS commercial with the girls building the engine is Watch us work it by Devo.

Who sings the background song for the new Honda Accord Commercials?

Actually in the Accord commercial that song is by Electric Light Orchestra - Hold on Tight. Christopher Kay sings this "Hold on Tight to your Dreams", Album, "More than Two", but is not the group singing this in the commercial. I love the sound of the group in the commercial signing this song. Wish (MORE)

Who sing the song on the new Joe commercial?

The name of the song is "Time for the Holidays" performed by Nate Krieswirth and his band Cancel Winter.. All the songs from the Joe commercials can be found at:. www.joe.ca/Video_en.aspx

Who sings the song on the new ATT commercial?

It is Landon Pigg -- the song is called "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop." The video is below in the related links section. And YES , you probably wanted to know who sang it because you saw that dang beautiful romantic AT&T commercial! Don't worry -- it's our little secret, I won't tell anyone! (H (MORE)

Who sings song in new GM commercial?

If you're referring to the new GM commercial which has been running during the Olympics, the singer is Brandi Carlile. The song is "The Story." She and her band are amazing.. If you're referring to the new GM commercial which has been running during the Olympics, the singer is Brandi Carlile. The s (MORE)

Who sings the song on the new mcRib commercial?

Matt White : Love . is the name of the song in the new McRib commercial!! It is a very cute song!! I don't think that it belongs in a commercial about a nasty McDonalds food, but whatever atleast we found out about it!!!

Who sings the song in the new Geico Money commercial?

The song was made famous by Rockwell in the 80's. It was remixed by Mysto & Pizzi and used in the Geico "Kash" commercials. To get it, go to www.geico.com and right on the homepage if you scroll down under "What's on TV" there is a link to download the song

Who sings the song in the new Ford Ka commercial?

its by soundtree and is called gofindit. The music is supplied by soundtree productions ltd in london, no specific band or artist given.. THE BAND THAT SINGS IT IS CALLED 'THE TEASE' AND THE SONG IS CALLED 'IM NOT INVISIBLE'. GO ON YOUTUBE AND TYPE IN 'THE TEASE IM NOT INVISIBLE' AND ITS THE FIRST (MORE)

Who sings the song for macy's new Commercial 2009?

macy 2009 commercial . sleepy rebels - unbelievable . may be unbelievable...the sun is too good to be true, i must be seeing thing today....because everything keeps happening in the most perculiar way...in the mist perculiar way....may be unbelievable but it happened just that way.. you came into (MORE)

Who sings the song MAGIC for macy's new commercial?

The band's name is Stimulator. The song is a cover of the Olivia Newton-John song from the Xanadu soundtrack. It originally went to #1. This version is cool and new wavy, but the original ONJ version has amazing vocals.

Who sings the song in the new Korean air commercial?

It sounds like Alison Krauss but its Carrie Tree. Compassion is a composition by Carrie Tree and Andy Barlow from Lamb. They briefly formed as Luna Seeds a few years ago. They have a new project coming out in May 2013 called Lowb on Distiller Records and Compassion will be on that album. Carrie Tree (MORE)

Who sings song for new Volkswagen Jetta commercial?

Pigeon John. Track is called "The Bomb" and it's on the album "Dragon Slayer" (Quannum Projects) 2) It is not Pigeon John. John is a little known black wrapper. The man singing on the commercial is White and the song is a Country Western them.

What song is the family singing in the new Honda commercial?

Weezer-Buddy Holly What's with these homies, dissin' my girl Why do they gotta front What did we ever do to these guys That made them so violent Woo-hoo, but you know I'm yours Woo-hoo, and I know you're mine Woo-hoo, and that's for all time Woo-ee-oo I look just like Buddy Holly

Who sings song in the new belk commercial?

Not sure but I do want to point out the the last scene in the commercial (the one occurring just before they state "Modern. Southern ...") was shot in Chicago. Type in 330 South Dearborn Street in Google maps and check out the street view looking north!