Who sings worry in travel insurance commercial?

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What is commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance helps protect your business from its ownexposures. Exposures are risks that your business generates duringthe course of its operations. Products carry liability if someone is hurt using them (generalliability) Operations like construction carry defective workmanship claims ands (MORE)

Who sings the Yoplait commercial song?

Here is the response I received to an email I sent to the company asking the same question: "The piece of music used in this commercial was composed for the commercial itself and doesn't have a name or title. The piece goes for only 40 seconds, the length of our commercial." This is the answer :- (MORE)

Who sings the JCPenney commercial song?

Answer . Assuming the commercial you're referring to is the one where people are doing all the magic tricks -- the lady pulls a crutch from a little purse, the phone booth fills with water and collapses, the girl climbs out of the filing cabinet in the office -- then it's "Music Box" by Regina Sp (MORE)

Who sings the song in the diamond commercial?

Answer . answer Chan Marshall, known as Cat Power, also sings a Cingular commercial. She has a very unique and soothing voice. I have read that when she performs live, she is rarely able to finish a song because she trails off in an inebriated incoherant tangent . It looks as though she has fo (MORE)

Diffenance in commercial and non commercial insurance?

Answer . Commercial Insurance is for a business. (general liability, worker's comp, etc.) The term "non-commercial" insurance isn't generally used. There is commercial insurance and personal insurance (i.e. homeowners, personal auto)

What is travel insurance?

Travel Insurance covers you for risks you might be exposed to an overseas trip. Typically, it covers death, personal accident, medical expenses, repatriation (in the event of death abroad, the cost incurred in bringing the body back to the native country), loss of checked baggage, delay in receiving (MORE)

Who sings on the AutoZone commercial?

Kevin Paige from Memphis, TN. Kevin was a recording artist on Chrysalis in the late 1980s and early 1990s. His eponymously titled solo album sported a pair of top 40 dance-pop singles, "Don't Shut Me Out" and "Anything I Want". This success won him a spot as the opening act on bubblegum pop chanteus (MORE)

Who sings yahoo commercial?

His name is Wylie Gustafson. His band is called Wylie and the Wild West. He owns a horse ranch in Montana, and is still performing in the Northwest and across the country. He was born in Conrad Montana in 1961. He sings cowboy, western, folk, and he yodels. He currently has released 13 albums to da (MORE)

Who sings the Hampton commercial song get by?

Originally it was "The Beatles." But it is also the Wonderland theme song and there is a "Joe Cocker" version, the Beatles version is the best though.. Originally it was "The Beatles." But it is also the Wonderland theme song and there is a "Joe Cocker" version, the Beatles version is the best thou (MORE)

How do you get travel insurance?

It is not so tough to get travel insurance. First of all check yourcurrent insurance company, is it supporting this area or not? If itis not supporting travel insuranace then apply for travelinsurance. I got my travel insurance from COVOMO.COM . Youmay also try this one. Good luck

What Breed of dog iis the dog in the travelers insurance commercial?

We're curious too! Our dog is nearly identical, but he's a mutt. There is a breed of dog called a Berger Picard, or French Shepherd, that's very similar. The dogs used in the movie "Because of Winn Dixie" were that breed. Actually, the dog from the commercial is a rescue dog named Chopper. I'm pre (MORE)

What is the song in the travelers insurance commercial?

"Trouble" is the song originally done by Ray LaMontagne...but also sung on American Idol by the winner Taylor Hicks...I can't really tell which one is on the commercial but I would assume they would go with the original!

Who sings the yop drink commercial?

All I know is that it's a remake of Gimme Hope Jo'anna by Eddy Grant. I have no idea who performed it on the commercial. I'd love to know as well!

Is Commercial Credit Insurance casualty insurance?

Credit insurance is a type of life insurance policy purchased by aborrower that pays off one or more existing debts in the event of adeath, disability, or in rare cases, unemployment. Credit insuranceis marketed most often as a credit card feature, with the monthlycost charging a low percentage of t (MORE)

What is the song on travelers insurance commercial gone?

With the dog?? it goes like this (whole song) Songwriters: RAY LAMONTAGNE Lyrics to Trouble : Trouble... Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble Trouble been doggin' my soul since the day I was born Worry... Worry, worry, worry, worry Worry just will not seem to leave my mind alone We'l (MORE)

Who sings yurbuds commercial song?

It was a short song made just for Yurbuds, not a full track. It has been compared to being similar with a song by Saul Williams called "List of Demands" and may soon have a full version.

Who sings in the 2011 Chrysler commercial?

I did a little research and it is a group out of Detroit, named the "Sound of Gospell" who sing an Eminem song for the Chrysler Big Finish 2011 holiday commercial. It's the commercial where they light up the windows of a skyscraper behind the singers and the cars in the shape of christmas tree.

What breed of dog in travelers insurance commercials?

Since so many people love the Traveler's insurance dog, there is a simple DNA swab test that can be done to determine the EXACT breed(s) that combined to make this particular dog. Shelter dogs are the BEST and I'm sure people would be interested if Traveler's confirmed what breed Chopper actually is (MORE)

Who sings Dow commercial song?

Sounds like the Ink Spots. I believe the song is called 'Whispering Grass' by the Ink Spots. Check it out on iTunes or YouTube.

Who sings in latest PC commercial?

The latest Pc commercial was 2009. It was a commercial ad with comparisons of Apple and Windows. No one has been signing, Just comparing!