Who was Ebbets Field Named After?

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Ebbets Field was named after Charlie Ebbets. He was the owner of Washington Park and decided to build a new stadium so they named it Ebbets Field.
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How far was the shortest home run at Ebbets Field?

As I remember it, I think it was 246 feet to the wall in right field. But that wall was - maybe - 25 feet high. Pitcher Don Newcombe, batting as a pinch hitter, regularly pole

Who was the last player to be at bat at Ebbets Field?

Dee Fondy of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The final MLB game played at Ebbets Field was between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates on September 24, 1957 with the Dodger

Where was Ebbets Field?

Ebbet's Field was a major league baseball park located in Brooklyn,New York. It closed on September 24, 1957 and was demolished onFebruary 23, 1960.