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What is Grace kelly's mom and dads name?

Grace Patricia Kelly, the future Princess Grace of Monaco, was born Nov. 12, 1929, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her parents were John Brendan Kelly Sr., a three-time Olympic (MORE)

Where is Grace Kelly's house in Ireland?

Grace Kelly was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa, and as Princess resided in Monaco. Neither is any part of the Emerald Isle! Kelly, is of course an Irish name, but she nev (MORE)

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What were Ned Kelly's siblings names?

Australian bushranger Ned Kelly had five sisters, two half-sisters, two brothers and one half-brother. His sisters were Maggie (born in 1857) and Catherine, also known as Kate (MORE)

Who was Grace Kelly's daughter?

Grace Kelly had 2 daughters and 1 son 1) Caroline, Princess of Hanover 2) Albert II, Prince of Monaco 3) Princess Stephanie Marie Elisabeth.
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What was Grace Kelly's family like?

Grace Kelly was named after her father's sister, an aspiring actress who had died young at the age of 23. Her father, Jack Kelly was a self-made millionaire, the son of Irish (MORE)