What is the importance of Gregor Mendel's work?

The year was 1851. Gregor Mendel, a young priest from a monastery in Central Europe, entered the University of Vienna to study mathematics and science. Two years later, Mendel (MORE)
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What are gregor Mendel's three laws?

1. the Law of Dominance 2. the Law of Segregation 3. the Law of Independent Assortment Gregor Mendel in his work on experiments in hybridization onlymentioned two principl (MORE)

What was Gregor Mendel's experiment and his findings?

Gregor Mendel performed an experiment with Pea Plants. It dealt with genetics of pea plants, and breeding to create formulas about heredity. He mixed different types of pea pl (MORE)

What is Gregor Mendel's theory on evolution?

Mendel's laws deal with the transmission of genes between individuals. Evolution deals with changes in gene frequencies within and between populations. Population genetics, wh (MORE)

When was Gregor Mendel's work recognized?

He published his findings in 1865 but it was not until after his death, more than 30 years later, that his work widely recognized published his findings in 1865 but it was not (MORE)

What was Gregor Mendel's role in genetics?

Gregor Mendel developed the theory of inheritance and heredity. Mendel expirimented with the garden pea plant. First he pollinated short pea plants with tall pea plants. The n (MORE)