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Who was in the top 10 of American idol 2006?

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Who are the Top 13 American Idol Contestants in season 10 2011?

Alexis Grace, Danny Gokey, Michael Sarver, Megan Corkrey, Adam Lambert, Matt Giraud Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, Anoop Desai, Scott McIntyre & Lil Rounds all remain ,while Jor

Who was in the American idol top 10 in season 7?

1david cook   2david archuleta   3syesha mercado   4jason castro   5brooke white   6carly smithson   7kristy lee cook   8michael johns   9ramiele malub

Season 5 top 10 American Idol?

The top 10 contestants on American Idol Season 5 were: 1. Taylor Hicks (winner) 2. Katharine McPhee (runner-up) 3. Elliott Yamin 4. Chris Daughtry 5. Paris Bennett

Who were the top 10 contestants on American Idol Season 8?

Matt Giraud- lets get it on Kris Allen- how sweet it is to be loved by you Scott MacIntyre- you cant hurry love Megan Joy- for once in my life Anoop Desai- ooh baby ba

Who are the top 24 in American idol season 10?

Here they are. Girls: Ta-Tynisa Wilson Lauren Turner Rachel Zevita Ashton Jones Julie Zorilla Lauren Alaina Pia Toscano Thia Megia Haylee Reinhart Naima Adedapo Kendra Chante

Who are the top 10 American idol contestants for season 10?

They might chose to have a top 11 for season 10 since Casey Adams was saved by the Judges on March 24 2011. Otherwise the first person off from the two eliminated on March 31

Who will be the top 8 of American Idol Season 10?

Well now, for sure, Pia Toscano was voted off! What a shocker! Even Jennifer Lopez cried and so did Stefano who was in the bottom three as well as Jacob Lusk! Randy, Steven, J