Who was john f Kennedy's secret service agent?

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Who was in John F Kennedy's family?

John F. Kennedy's wife was Jacquenline Kennedy Onassis. His children were Caroline Kennedy , John F. Kennedy Jr. , Patrick Bouvier and Arabella Kennedy.

What were John F. Kennedy's beliefs?

If you mean religious beliefs, he was Roman Catholic. one of his beliefs was that it was ok to drive around dallas, Texas in an open topped car.

What was John F. Kennedy's motivations?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy's motivations where his fathers promising words 'you will be great one day, just like the infamous singing trio,Tom, Elli and Matt'. These words touched john and he started his carrer of being a politician after the army and his journalism thoughts. John Fitzgerald Kennedy's (MORE)

Who was John F. Kennedy's wife?

John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Lee Bouvier (July 28,1929- May 19,1994) at St. Mary's (Roman Catholic) Church inNewport, Rhode Island on September 12, 1953. After Kennedy's death, she married Aristotle Onassis, a wealthyGreek shipping magnate. JFK's wifes name was KFJ Jacqueline Kennedy Onass (MORE)

What was John F. Kennedy's schedule?

I was interested in this myself and have dome some small research of the topic So 7.00 - 8.00 He woke up. Usually it was at 8, he wasnt an early bird till 8.30 he took a warm bath. He liked to read during bathing, so his stuff often got back their reports with water stains till 9.15 he had breakfes (MORE)

Who were John F. Kennedy's siblings?

John F. Kennedy had three brothers and five sisters. His brotherswere Robert, Joseph Jr. and Ted. His sisters were Rosemary, Eunice,Kathleen, Patricia and Jean.

What was John F. Kennedy's platform?

Dynamic Foreign Policy: . Military Preparedness: . Progressive Labor Policy: . Prosperity on the Farm: . Defense of Civil Liberties: . Aid for the Aged: . Fiscal Responsibility: . A man who CARES for AMERICA . A man who will LEAD AMERICA . Tradition of Service . Racket-Busting B (MORE)

What was John F. Kennedy's slogan?

John Kennedy's primary slogan for his 1960 Presidential bid was the theme " A Time For Greatness ." Another one was "Go All The Way With JFK", as well as a phrase lifted from Frank Sinatra's famous supporting song High Hopes For Kennedy was " Jack Is On The Right Track " His slogan to run for t (MORE)

Who was John F. Kennedy's killer?

Lee Harvey Oswald (October 18, 1939 - November 24, 1963) was, according to four government investigations, the one who fatally shot JFK in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963

What were John F. Kennedy's hobbies?

John F. Kennedy loved to spend quality time with his families and havind bbqs. He also loved his dear wife. BTW (by the way) I am not so sure about this answer, so don't go around sayind this is completley true. It would help so people don't try this and their teacher says "Nope! Were did you get (MORE)

What is John F. Kennedy's nationality?

He was a United States citizen. You have to be born in the United States, in order to become president. So every U.S. president's nationality is American.

What did John F. Kennedy's parents do?

His father was a jack of all trade and made millions. . He was a banker, movie producer, liquor distributor during and after prohibition, , maritime commissioner, and ambassador to England. His mother was educated in Europe and the daughter of John Fitzgerald, who was the mayor of Boston. She nev (MORE)

Can a secret service agent be married?

Yes, of course they can. The two have NOTHING to do with one another. Naturally, he/she won't be able to tell their husband or wife about what they do on a day-to-day basis.

What do secret service agents wear?

they wear black dress slacks and white button down shirts or at least the ones i met last night after a fundraiser former presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. did here in town.

Can secret service agents have tattoos?

I dont think you can but im not 100% sure. You may not be able to have one because u dont want to have anything that can identify your body. Birth marks if bad enough can keep you from being in the secret service.

Who was John F. Kennedy's enemies?

The management of the US Steel industry, large portions of thepowerful (but at this point weaker) southern wing of the USDemocratic Party, presumably Republican politicians to asignificant degree (though actually probably to a lesser degreethan, say, a segregationist white Democratic Senator fromMis (MORE)

What was John F. Kennedy's nickname?

"Jack" was John Kennedy's nickname used throughout his childhood by his family and by close friends. After his Presidency, in the press he was called JFK by his initials in the same vein as Franklin Delano Roosevelt was called FDR. Kennedy enjoyed the comparison Crash Kennedy was a WW2 nickna (MORE)

Who were John F. Kennedy's children?

He had two children that survived; Caroline Kennedy and John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. John F. Kennedy, Jr. was killed in an airplane crash, along with his wife Carolyn, and her sister, in 1999. Jackie Kennedy also gave birth to a third child, Patrick Kennedy, who was born prematurely, and died 2 da (MORE)

What is John F. Kennedy's command?

ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. or they joined the peace core or they became more involved in social action

What was John F. Kennedy's personality?

He was an optimist but not delusional - he called himself "an idealist without illusions." He was persevering and had an "iron will" -- he refused to be pitied on the basis of his (life threatening) health problems. He was a proud man with a big ego, charismatic and a "people person." He lived in th (MORE)

Were did they get John F. Kennedy's casket from?

the o neal funeral home in dallas, while kennedy's body lay intrauma room one parklands memorial hospital 1963 O'Neal had obtained the casket (a solid bronze double lid "Handley"design with an amber colored "Britannia" brushed finished) from theElgin Metal Casket Company of Elgin, IL. While loading (MORE)

Who is John F. Kennedy's Secretary?

The secretary of State during Kennedy's administration, Dean Rusk, who Ambrose and Brinkley write in the Rise of Globalism , stated that South Vietnam was its own independent entity by the Geneva settlement of 1954, which he explained in 1963, which defined that there is a North and South Vietnam, (MORE)

Who were John F. Kennedy's grandparents?

JKF's grandparents were Patrick Joseph Kennedy (1858-1028) Mary Augusta Hickey Kennedy (1857-1923) John Francis "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald (1963-1950) Mary Josephine Hannon Fitzgerald (1865-1964)

What was John F. Kennedy's obstacles?

Mainly the fact that the Republicans and Southern Democrats opposed his policies and together they outnumbered the Northern Democrats who supported them.

What was John F. Kennedy's occupation?

JFK became a congressman just two years after serving in WWII when he was only 29. he was - Congressman from 1947-1953 Senator from Massachusetts 1953-1960 President 1961-1963

Who is John F. Kennedy's killer?

Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots from the Texas school book depository hitting the president twice in the right shoulder and the head

How long can you be a secret service agent?

Secret Service is like any other government job in its career length. You can stay in for 20 years or 30 years or more. But you will be forced to retire when you hit a certain age. Which is usually around 65.

What is John F. Kennedy's ethnicity?

He would best be described as an Irish Catholic from Boston. (Irish Catholics came from the Southern part of Ireland which is now a separate country (Eire).) The North of Ireland was settled by Protestants who are often devoted as Scotch-Irish and tend to be sandy-haired an freckled like the Scotch. (MORE)

John F. Kennedy's how was he elected?

he was elected by going to some place and saying if people wanted him yo be precedent they had to vote so lots of people voted for him and he won.

What were John F. Kennedy's goals?

his goals were to send somebody to the moon for the first time. also to go to Dallas Texas to make a speech but unfortunately he was assassinated by lee Harvey Oswald.

How do secret service agents dress?

they dress appropriately for whatever situation they will be in. For example they dress in suits at formal events but may be dressed in more casual clothes at casual events, such as when the president goes on vacation.

John F. Kennedy's accomplishments?

Graduated Harvard with a degree in international affairs in June 1940 . Published Why England Slept in July 1940, and became a bestseller . Earned the rank of Lieutenant in the Navy in 1941 . Received Navy and Marine Corps Medal . Received the Purple Heart . Received the Asiatic-Pacific Campaig (MORE)

How is the life of a secret service agent?

Boring for me- though you do get introduced to a list of 'missions' which are like episodes of a spy/detective game. And the secret base looks better than any other place on club penguin.

What was John F. Kennedy's slogin?

One of his favorite sayings about women was, "Slam, bam, thank you ma'am." His campaign slogans in 1960 were "A time for greatness" and "We can do better."

What are requirements to be a secret service agent?

Logically speaking you must have a clean criminal check, score high in security techniques, be well established, preferred military status, an American citizen of the United States or territories, good physical health, maintain high moral standards of living while employed and thereafter.

What was John F. Kennedy's saying?

"It's not what you can do for the people but what the people can dofor you" The actual saying: "Ask not what your country can do for you; askwhat you can do for your country."

What are John F Kennedy's contributions?

Cuban Missile Crisis / Peace corp / Encouraged people to volunteer for good of our country / US Space program/ grapes of wrath, shitzu puppies, breeding, baby booming

Who was John F Kennedy's mother?

Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy . (July 22, 1890 - January22, 1995) daughter of the mayor of Boston, was John Kennedy's mother.