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When was the BBC first broadcasted?

The BBC made its first scheduled radio broadcast on November 14th 1922. It took another three years to offer coverage across most of the UK. It is interesting that the BBC was (MORE)

What year did BBC start broadcasting?

The BBC was formed in 1922 to broadcast radio services which it has continued to do to this day. In 1929, it began the first public television broadcasts in the world using J (MORE)

What dates will spooks season 8 be broadcast in the UK on BBC 1?

Just pulled this off t'internet  Episode 1  Wednesday 4th November 2009    The team is in a state of panic following Harry's kidnapping by FSB agent Viktor Sarkisian (MORE)

When did BBC first broadcast television in the UK?

The BBC began broadcasting television in 1928 although they were no more than test broadcasts in that year. 1929 saw the first scheduled broadcasts but the schedule was far fr (MORE)
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Where was BBC radio broadcasted?

What became the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) was foundedin London in 1922, as the British Broadcasting Company; itsfounding members were six radio manufacturing comp (MORE)