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Who was the first child of African parents in England's American colonies?

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What was England's first overseas colony?

On 5 March 1496, King Henry VII of England issued letters patent to John Cabot (signed documents show that he referred to himself as "Zuan Chabotto") to explore the unknown la

Where was England's first colony?

choosing the leaders   •Raleigh had little trouble finding a commander for his expedition.•Richard Grenville had two essential qualities: a liking for adventure•and

What was England's first colony at Jamestown?

Jamestown, settled in 1607. At first it was a terrible place about 7 out of 10 died each year. They had a community responsibility pact that everyone would share their harvest

Is a child with African parents considered African American?

No he's considered Mexican! dumb-a    No, it definitely depends on what part of the world he is born..        lets say the parents are from Af