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Who was the first child of African parents in England's American colonies?

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What was England's first overseas colony?

On 5 March 1496, King Henry VII of England issued letters patent to John Cabot (signed documents show that he referred to himself as "Zuan Chabotto") to explore the unknown la

What was the condition of the African Americans in the colonies?

That all depends on who owned them some were treated more humanely then others, Keep in mind however when a person is the property of another the frustration and feeling of ho

Where was England's first failed colony in America?

The first colony was twice established at Roanoke Island in Virginia. Sir Walter Raleigh sponsored an expedition in 1585, under Ralph Lane and Richard Grenville. The colony re

How did England's Glorious Revolution influence the American colonies?

The bloodless change in power, from James II to William influenced the colonists to use the English Bill of Rights and the Toleration Act to create the American Bill of Rights

Why England's victory in the war for empire led to the loss of its North American colonies?

In the 18th century, England was at war with several countries including France and Spain. The three countries mentioned were all power players with land in Central America an

What African colony was the first to be independent?

Egypt (1922) was the first African nation to become independent  from a European nation, but it was not a colony (it was a  protectorate).   The first colony to become i