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Who was the most powerful person in all of Europe?

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Who is the second most powerful person in Washington D.C. right after the president?

The speaker of the house Improved Answer - Speaker of the House is the next person in line for the Presidency outside the Executive Branch, but not necessarily the second most

What are the most powerful wolves?

- gray wolves - dire wolves - Alaskan wolves These Are The Most Powerful Wolves In Order From Strongest To weakest But They Are All Powerful.

Who was the most Googled person of all time?

There are several names, and throughout the history of the site, the person who has been most searched for has changed, currently the name is Justin Bieber.

Why was Britain a Great Power of Europe?

Great Britain was the most powerful country in the world from the defeat of the Spanish Armada until the end of World War II. It had the largest and most powerful army with sp

Who is the most powerful person in Australia government?

A strict reading of the constitution would probably point to the governor-general, however realistically the Prime Minister (who isnt mentioned in the Constitution) would be t