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What hospital was Clarence Thomas born IN?

He was born at home in a house without electricity or plumbing in Pin Point, Georgia south of Savannah.. Source:. (MORE)

What does Justice Clarence Thomas do?

Justice Clarence Thomas is the second African-American appointed to the US Supreme Court. He is an Associate Justice, currently third in seniority, and has been on the bench s (MORE)

Who is Justice Clarence Thomas?

Clarence Thomas serves as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, he succeeded Thurgood Marshall the first African-American to serve on the court to be (MORE)

What made Clarence Thomas famous?

Clarence Thomas is only the second African-American to sit on the Supreme Court. He was nominated by George H. W. Bush to replace the retiring Thurgood Marshall (the first Afr (MORE)

Has clarence Thomas retired?

No, Clarence Thomas is still a Justice of the Supreme Court. Appointed in 1991, he has served on the Court for 18 years. Currently aged 62, Thomas will most likely continue hi (MORE)

What about Clarence Thomas being impeached?

Justice Clarence Thomas was never impeached, or even threatened with impeachment. He came close to being rejected by the Senate during his confirmation hearings because of Ani (MORE)
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Is clarence thomas married or divorsed?

well,clarence thomas is dead now but when he wasent dead he had a wife.he got divorsed and then remarried.befor he dide,yes he was married.just so you know:)