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Why do you think you often can see a plane in the air before you hear it?

Answer . There are two reasons why we can see a plane in the air before we hear it. The first reason is the fact that light moves faster than sound. Everything we see is th (MORE)

How do you get hearing loss?

There can be many reasons for hearing loss like genetic problem, disease or infection aging or head trauma or exposure to loud sound. The best way to avoid hearing loss is to (MORE)
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What to do if you think your hearing and seeing paranormal?

Firstly, keep quiet until you are away from the location where you experienced this and never greet them; if you don't do this, the ghost or what ever it is may start followin (MORE)
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How would it feel without seeing or hearing?

it would be weird if you been seeing or hearing things. But put yourself in Helen Keller shoes and see how it feels for the rest of your life