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Why Matthew Perry was sent to Japan?

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What was a result of Commodore Matthew Perrys voyage to Japan in 1858?

Because of Perry's threats and show of force, Japan was pressured  to allow trade with the United States through the establishment of  a treaty called the Convention of Kana

What was the impact of Matthew perrys journey to japan in 1853?

It led to the expansion of trade with Asia, putting the US into competition with European countries for control of the Pacific Ocean.

How did feudal japan change because of commodore Matthew Perry visit?

Commodore Perry's visit to Japan and eventually forcing open of their market to US goods gave Japan a giant wake up call. The Japanese had been living in a feudal society for

Why did Commodore Matthew Perry come to Japan in 1853?

Because Matthew Perry unlike other Perry's was amazing when it cam to speaking with asians. Most in his time would use racial slurs such as "wide eyed ninja" or "short limbed