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Why Water droplets are seen on the outer surface of a glass containing ice cold water is?

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Why a glass of cold water perspires with water droplets when exposed to the air?

This is actually a cooling of the humidity, or moisture in the surrounding air, as it comes in contact with the glass. A more humid environment will have this occur at a much

How cold is a glass of ice water?

A mixture of ice and water will always have a temperature of exactly 0°C (32°F). Whether it is ice melting or water freezing, the temperature stays at that temperature u

Why are droplets of water that form on a cold glass a physical change?

The formation of water droplets on a cold glass are a physical change because it's nothing more than condensation. The water that is in the air is a gas, and it has undergone

Why do water droplet appear on outer surface of glass when cold water is poured in it?

  The cold water reduces the temperature of the glass. The cold glass reduces the temperature of the air around the glass.   The amount of moisture in air is temperatur

How do water droplets form on glass?

The ice cubes loses heat to the surrounding air and condenses on the outer surface of the glass cup, forming water droplets on the glass cup.