Why a child talks by himself?

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A person who talks to himself?

A person who talks to himself is often seen as a crazy or insaneperson. This is because many people do not vocally talk tothemselves.

What is a person who talks about himself?

Saubhagya.iitm said - A person who specifically talks aboutthemselves are called a 'Narcissit' who is a self - centeredegotist or ego-manic which can be other words you could

What is wrong with a person who talks to himself?

Absolutely nothing. If you start hallucinating, such as seeing imaginary things or thinking an "imaginary friend" is real -- maybe you should talk to yourself a little less, y

Who is a gentelman that loves to hear himself talk?

Since you catigorized this in Romeo and Juliet I'm going to assume you mean a character in the play.. A character in Romeo and Juliet that loves to hear himself talk is Mercu

How do you keep a date from talking mostly about himself?

A) Get up and leave. B) Men talk over each other all day; at work, at the gym, in the bar. They compete with each other for open space in the conversation, and fill any avai

Did Jesus himself talk about his return?

Answer According to the gospels, yes, Jesus did talk about his return. Having given the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple as a sign of his imminent return, Mark 13:24-26 c

Why does sesshomaru talk about himself in first-person?

im guessing you mean third-person? and its because its a royalty thing. His father was Lord of the West and their Giant Shiro is in the sky in Inuaysha the final act episode 9