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Are owls endangerd?

Yes there are endangered owls. Just to name a few Burrowing Owl, Ground Owl, Northern Spotted Owl, Pygmy Owl, Barn Owl.. The barn owl, pygmy owl, and burrowing owls are not e (MORE)
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Where are tigers endangerd?

Tigers are endangered everywhere! Asia is where most of the wild tigers exist but there is very few of them. The majority of tigers are captive in zoos.
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Are dugong endangerded?

Yes they are an endangered species that is why the conservationists went crazy when 4 dugongs got caught in a net and drowned
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What is endangerded?

An endangered species has dwindling population numbers and is close to extinction. Its rate of reproduction is slower than its rate of death.

What endangerd the tigers?

Threats to tigers include poaching and habitat loss. Tigers are illegally hunted for use in traditional Chinese medicine. The other threat is habitat destruction as a result o (MORE)