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Why are chinchillas endangerd?

Reason? The reason why chinchillas are endangered is because people kill them for their beautiful fur - their pelts. One coat can take use up to 500 (or more) chinchilla pelts (MORE)

Are nautilus endangerd?

Yes :( They're harvested for there shells and are threatened by over fishing and habitat destruction. The nautilus takes 15 years to reach maturity and 70% of populations are (MORE)

Why are wild tigers named tigers?

  The word tiger comes from old Persian word "tigris", which means arrow. They likely got this name due to their speed (tigers can run at speeds of up to 80 kms p/h in sho (MORE)

What are tigers?

tigers are one of the largest members of the cat family. It is a four legged animal that lives in hot wet and humid jungles as well as icy cold forests. Its beautiful orange a (MORE)

Which is stronger a tiger or a white tiger?

It depends on the individual. White tigers are simply color  mutations of the Bengal tiger- collectively they are no stronger or  weaker than a normal tiger. Note - the rece (MORE)

Are crocodiles endangerd?

Many crocodile species are....Orinoco crocodiles, Cuban crocodiles, Chinese alligator, Indian gharial, Tomistoma, and Philippine crocodile are all endangered species.
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Is the Afghan Hound endangerd?

Afghan Hounds are not a very common breed, but they are not on the endangered breeds list. They are not very popular as pets in most places, unless they are kept as show dogs. (MORE)