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Why is Matthew Carruthers so awesome?

  i believe he is awesome due to his relentless work in obtaining happiness and peace within and around everyone. He continually impresses us with his determined lifestyle (MORE)

Why are apple computers so awesome?

Answer     They are so Awesome because they are more faster, more organized, and have WAY better effects than PCs. They are also more well crafted and more safe!   (MORE)

Why was Hitler so awesome?

His name is one of the most recognised in history - demonstrated by the fact that even without a first name in the question, everyone assumes it refers to Adolf Hitler. He m (MORE)
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Why is delicate so awesome?

well she is not awesome she is fat and has fat delicate! that is wronkled
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Why is rowan so awesome?

Well Rowan is so awesome because she is the greatest person in the whole entire universe and she rocks!Rowan also has an awesome boyfriend named Brady Struna hes so awesome we (MORE)

Why is the rev from a7x so awesome?

he was possibly the best drummer ever because of his speed... but he really didn't care about the drums because he could play just about any instalment including vocals, guita (MORE)

What is so awesome about the word awesome?

The word awesome could be considered to be "awesome" because it consists of two smaller words that combine to make another word. Awe which means overwhelming wonder, admiratio (MORE)