Why are ionic bonds always polar?

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Ionic bonds are based on the electrostatic attraction between two ions with opposite electrical charges.

Is NaI polar non-polar or an ionic bond?

It is an ionic compound that exists in crystalline form, and is soluble in water. remember if you got a Metal and its combining with one of the halogens (IE Flourine, chlorine

Is an ionic bond the same as polar bond?

No. A polar bond is a type of covalent bond in which electrons are shared unevenly. In ionic bond electrons are not shared but completely pulled away from one atom to anothe

Is Cl2 a polar ionic bond?

No two atoms of the same species boned together are one of the few cases of a completely nonpolar bond. This is because the electronegativity of the atoms is equal resulting i

Are chemical bonds always ionic?

No, there are many other types of bond other than ionic, such as covalent bonds, one and three electron bonds, bent (or banana) bonds, 3c-2e and 3c-4e bonds, aromatic bonds, a

Are ionic bonds non polar?

No. Ionic bonds are ionic, in which the difference of electronegativities between the atoms forming the bond are greater than 1.7. Nonpolar bonds are covalent bonds in which t