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What are some pirate ships called?

The Jolly Roger, the Black Widow, the Golden Harp, the Golden Duck are all names of pirate ships. Some more famous ships and their captains were: Queen Anne's Revenge - Black

Why does a ship float?

Something floats if it displaces more weight in water than it  weighs. That's why a big metal ship that weighs hundreds of tons  can float: it displaces much more weight in

What is the biggest passenger ship in the world?

The current largest passenger ship is the Oasis of the Seas which sailed their first cruise in December of 2009. It is 1,181 feet long and can hold up to 5,400 passengers. It

Fastest passenger ship in the world?

The Queen Mary 2 is the fastest ship soon to be in service with a top speed of 33 knots, however, the fastest of all time is the SS United States which still holds Atlantic cr
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Why ship floats on the sea?

Ships displace water when at sea. There is a force due to this displacement of water. It is known as upthrust. The magnitude of upthrust is equivalent to the magnitude of the
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Why can ships float?

Isaac Newton's 3rd law of motion.   Isaac Newton's 3rd law of motion. When a seaworthy boat is placed in water, what keeps it afloat is a phenomenon known as buoyancy.

First transatlantic passenger ship?

While there had been cruise liners for several years, transatlantic  crossings with strictly passengers did not begin until about 1901.  It was the German ship Prinzessin Vi
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Why ships floating?

why bad grammar? wood ships float because there are small air spaces trapped within the wood, and it is less dense than water. metal ships float because there are two layers o