Why are you dizzy with a bad smell up your nose?

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What causes pressure in the forehead and nose and dizziness?

See a Doctor . Sinus congestion ( Rhinosinusitus ) or upper respiratory infection. Your sinuses are filled with mucus causing pressure and it is into your Eustation tubes and inner ear so it is affecting your balance. ( Pressure in the inner ear can rupture the eardrum.) See a Physician for decongestants and antibiotics, keeping an infection too long can affect long term hearing once it has entered the passages of the ear.

Does weight loss nose bleeds and dizziness indicate cancer?

This question can only be answered through a thorough medical exam. Weight loss, nose bleeds and dizziness can be linked to a large number of ailments or environmental factors.

If you went down on your girlfriend and you smelled her vagina is it bad if you can still smell your girlfriends vagina smell because its stuck in your nose?

Personalty I like the smell. However if it bothers you all you have to do is gently wipe the inside of your nose with a damp cloth to get rid of it. however it wont do you any harm.

Why do you feel dizzy when you stand up?

You may feel dizzy because you have stayed in one position for a period of time then when stand up the body is not used to the position so you may feel dizzy

When you smell something are there pieces of it in your nose?

ANSWER: . Really good question! When something has a good or bad odor, it gives off an odor as a chemical compound. By the process of olfaction, or sense of smell, we have receptors in our noses that pick these up and identify them as good or bad. So the answer would be yes.

How far can a cat a smell with its nose?

Amswer 1 . To my knowledge, the sense of smell requires that an odor MUST be inhaled in order to sense [or "smell"] it.. Therefore, cats, dogs, humans, etc., cannot smell past the entrance of their noses. There is no distance in the ability to smell.. On the other hand, among animals, there is a distinct difference in the sensitivity of their abilities to detect minute odors, and this part of the answer is outside of my knowledge, and hopefully will be added when an expert improves this answer.

What does it mean if you smell ammonia in your nose?

The most common cause of having an ammonia smell in your nose isyour diet. People who have a high protein and low carbohydrate dietcan smell ammonia and their sweat can actually smell like ammoniatoo.

When your car warms up it suffocates itself and stalls out and smells bad What is wrong?

Sounds like the Catalytic Converter may be malfunctioning. If your vehicle has an onboard computer, you may have the issue diagnosed by visiting your local mechanic. Some auto parts stores can check your computer for any prevailing codes also. Catalytic Converter have a 80,000 mile warranty.

Why do you get dizzy when you stand up?

As you stand up the amount of blood getting to you brain decreases as the pressure moves to the bottom of you body. There are a few reasons for this, POSTURAL HYPOTENSION is one thing that could cause it in really bad cases. Unless it happens all the time and lasts longer than a second you shouldn't need to worry about this though. I'll try and explain it so its easier to understand. If you have a tube with liquid in it and you lie it on its side, the pressure is spread evenly from one end to the other, but as you stand it up, the pressure of the liquid goes to the bottom. This is what your blood does, and the faint headed blackout is that brief moment as your body adjusts. I hope that's a good enough explanation.

Why do you smell a bad smell in your nose?

you can smell a bad smell in your nose is because, when you inhale, your nose takes your ,"smellings" into the nose to something that takes the materials and sends a signal to your brain, which makes a bad scent

Standing up dizzy?

Dizziness when standing occurs due to low blood pressure. The body is at rest and upon standing the heart needs to pump faster to supply more pressure. The dizziness is the moment leading up to when the proper blood pressure is reached. This is not normally something to be concerned about. However if it continues to happen, you should get your blood pressure checked at your doctor.

What causes nose bleeds and dizzy spells?

there could be many answers or explanations for this..anything from a tumor,a blow to the head or with some people excessive temperature changes.. but if your experiencing any of those symptoms i strongly suggest that you see your doctor immediately..

The nose knows smell but how about taste?

If you lose your sense of smell your sense of taste generally goes with it, since the two senses are closely linked.

When you stand up you get dizzy?

This happens because the blood suddenly rushes to your brain. It can cause your vision to go dark with stars for a few seconds as well as being dizzy. Its nothing to worry about, unless it last longer then twenty to thirty seconds.

Dizzy after waking and standing up?

You may be low on protein and/or your blood sugar could be high or low. This doesn't necessarily mean your diabetic but you may want to want to watch the things you eat. Be sure to consult a doctor if this persists.

Why do you get constant migraines My daughter is 12 and she has had really bad migraines since she was 10 like everyday She pops aspirin like no tomorrow She also gets nose bleeds and has dizziness?

\ndon't let her take to much asprin. It's not good for her liver. Try advil if she needs a pain killer. I would go see a doctr asap. She might have pressure on her brain or something which could cause pain and bleeding on the nose. Just a thought. Go to a nurologist asap

Can you get dizzy from smelling pet urine?

You can if you have a very strong or sensitive nose, but it would probably have to be a lot of urine.

Why do you get dizzy when you get up too fast?

Standing up can cause a sudden loss of blood pressure in your brain. This is especially true if you have been sitting in such a way as to partially cut off the blood supply to your legs. The blood rushing back to the deprived area causes the drop in blood pressure. If this happens often, you may be suffering from hypotension (low blood pressure) and might want to consult your doctor. Hypotension can lead to fainting episodes, among other problems.

What do you do if your head hurts your dizzy and have a bad cough with a runny nose and sneeze a lot?

Well I'm not an expert but I have the same and I was told by me mum to stay of school and let it go unless it gets too bad then see a doctor

Why does your nose always smell like bad feet?

because u are giving a foot job and are sucking on the toes the person foot odor gets on ur nose

How does the smell of perfume reach your nose?

The strong, sweet smell of perfume reaches your nose so quickly because the chemicals in the perfume evaporate easily in the air so that we can smell them. In addition, the chemical itself can be smelt.

Why do you get dizzy when you get up to fast?

The fluid in your brain starts spinning.. You get dizzy when you get up too fast because when you are sitting down, all the the blood is in you arms and legs, but when you stand up really quick, all of the blood rushes to your head, therefore you either get a headache or get dizzy. Its basically the reaction to the speed of your blood movement.

Why do feet smell and nose run?

BOe nose ran cause the feet smelt 2 gruesome and you must just have B.O

Why are you dizzy when you wake up?

Because your system has shut off for so long that when you wake up your body is still functioning.

You blew your nose your ear blocked up and you had a bad dizzy spell?

That can happen anytime that you blow your nose too hard, it is a normal response for the ear, because the air pressure inside the ear changes when you blow your nose, especially if you hold your nose closed or if you are congested, and that change in air pressure can cause dizziness. If it becomes frequent, see a doctor.

Does your nose smell what you want it to smell?

No because were ever you go there are diffrent smells because if you want to smell cake you cant smell unless you go up to a cake

How can my feet smell if they don't have a nose?

They can smell if they do have a nose, my feet have a nose so they smell.

Can you smell the inside of your nose?

yes, but that is what you smell in an unsented area (aka neutral scent). if anyone can rephrase this better, please do

Why do i have a bad smell in my nose?

You must of forgoten to take a shower today, or you forgot to put on some deodorant...ahhh summer days, try Lady Speed Stick

What is in the cats noses to smell far?

Its natural for cats to have great smelling! They also have great eyesight! That's why they can see in the dark so well. They can see over 10 times better than humans! They can also hear a mouse tip toeing over 3o feet away! - Kittylover2422

Bad smell on the inside of your nose?

Maybe it is because of indigestion. . Not eating meals properly . or Eating too much ... . beacuse of acidity 100% sure

Why do you feel dizzy when you get up suddenly?

the reason you feel dizzy when you wake up is becase your body is using muscles that haven't been used for 8-9 hours, and your brain is just starting to function. the reason that you feel dizzy after you stop spinning is you brain was shaken up and lost its concentration balance.

Could I be pregnant since we do not use protection and I am nauseous and dizzy and have a heightened sense of smell with sore tingly breasts and a stuffy nose and a sore back and muscles?

It all depends on when your last period was & when you ovulate. It could be all in your head & your psyching your body into thinking your pregnant when in actuality your not. The best way you can solve that problem is to take a hpt (home pregnancy test) if you've missed your period. By that time you should have enough hCG levels to detect.

Why do you get dizzy spells when you stand up?

If you have been lying down for a while or slouching, blood will start to stay around your brain. When you stand up all the blood flows back into the circulatory system which causes the dizzy feeling you get.

When you sit up you get dizzy?

You meant sitting down, standing up. It seems to be symptoms of bad brain microcirculation. If you are adult, try Gingko biloba, and when sitting in a chair move your head right and leftwards several times. Also take a teaspoon of mashed garlic in half glass of hot water, leave it for 20 minutes, strain the mixture and drink it little by little during the day. Gingko biloba, if it is the first time, 40 mg at morning and at night, one month later increase to 80 mg at morning and at night. Lower ingestion of saturated fat, sugar, eat more fruits and vegs, and at least 6 glasses of water a day.

Why do you get dizzy when you blow up a balloon?

You are "hyperventilating" -- exhaling repeatedly into the balloon is creating an imbalance in your lungs, as not enough carbon dioxide is being retained. The excess of oxygen can make your blood alkaline, and make you feel lightheaded or dizzy by constricting the flow of blood in the brain. Breathing a few times into a paper bag, thereby keeping more carbon dioxide, will normally reverse the condition.

Is it bad to Sniff Candy up your Nose?

Why would you want to? the only thing you should concentrate on sniffing up your nose is Fresh Air. Eat the Candy!

What smells bad?

many things smell bad poo smells bad rotting food smells bad dirty underwear smells bad especially if its been peed or pood on!

Why does a bad smell come from your nose?

sensory nerve impulses of the nose says to the brain 'get me out of here!'

What if you wake up dizzy?

it could mean that you have low blood pressure and it just takes a while for the blood to properly circulate in your body or it could be a sign of infection.

How can you get your sense of smell back after losing it from so much water going up the nose or a sunburn burning the nose?

1st try to drain all the water or cool down the sunburn then when its all clear w8 some then it should be done if its not i cant help u bro

Is it bad that almost every time you get up you get dizzy and can't see?

your just getting light headed yes its normal it happends to me sometimes when i play football

What is the smell you get when you are hit in the nose?

depends was it a ball or a hand? Response: Either. Please see my elaboration in the discussion page. Added: It is the taste of the blood running back into your sinuses and draining down into your throat. Blood has a taste that can be desdcribed as "metallic.'

Why are you dizzy when you lay down or get up?

dizziness can be caused by several different health problems. The most common is called Vertigo. Vertigo causes you to feel nauseous because of the dizziness. The only treatment for it, is to get your doctor to prescribe Meclizine for nausea and stay home and do not lean forward or move your head real fast. It will stop on its own. another cause of dizziness is from consuming too much alcohol.

Why can you smell your own nose?

Yes. If you turn your nostrils inside-out and breathe through your mouth, I can always detect a little hint of nose hair and snot/boogers.

What causes the smell of white spirit up your nose after a cold?

its your body expelling excess acetone thats not needed. this can also happen when training/excercise, your body uses up more energy than its recieving via food

What do you do to get the smell of perfume out of your nose?

Smell a different smell. I would go smell inside the fridge because most fridges smell disgusting and that would just make your sences forget about the perfume. ______________ It isn't your nose that's the problem. If it is a scent that you are wearing, you have to wash it off to the best of your ability, given your circumstances. It it's too strong for you, you can be sure others are finding it too strong as well. If it is a scent that someone else is wearing it may be more problematic. Many people are sensitive to scents, and wearing strong ones is generally not a good idea. I have had the courage to say to women I have dated, and with whom I had established trusting relationships, that a scent was too strong. One wore a form at attar, rose oil. The scent itself is lovely, but she wore too much. I told her, and she handled it very well.

Do bad tomatoes smell bad?

They don't have a noticeable odor, but you'll see soft spots, bruises, or spots of mold so it will be obvious. Of course, it depends on how bad they are. If they are rotting, particularly if they are stacked in a fruit bowl without drainage, you will smell them, and there may be fruit flies or gnats as well.

Is putting water up your nose bad for you?

No it isnt! Definitely not. I gives you pleasure and adds bonus years to your life!

What can cause bad dizziness and headaches?

Dizziness and headache are vague symptoms. For an appropriatediagnosis, please seek the help of a qualified physician or boardcertified Migraine and headache specialist.