You keep going very cold and shivery your hands turn purple and you get cold sensations to your head?

You could have Ridley Syndrom. It can be anywhere from a very serious condition to a mild one. Ridley Syndrom is a blood circulation problem. I have it and if I get too cold t (MORE)

What star is very hot but not very bright?

Brightness is a description of a stars luminosity as viewed from Earth. A star can be very hot and large but be so far away that it's brightness is not very bright - dim. (MORE)
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Why are fall very bright red in some years and dull in other years?

Two factors are necessary in the production of red autumn leaves, there must be warm, bright, and sunny days during which the leaves manufacture sugar. Warm days must be follo (MORE)
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Why do women often have cold hands and feet?

It differs from person to person. My dads hands are quite warm, but that is because he has high blood pressure, meaning that loads of blood gets pumped around much faster. It (MORE)