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Why both sugar and oxygen are essential for salt ion absorption by plants?

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Do plants like salt or sugar water?

Sugar water has some of the nutrients that is important in a plants life cycle. On the other hand, salt water, actually slowly kills the plant, therefore it has no nutrients t

How does salt and sugar affect plants growth?

What happens is that the higher concentration of salt in the soil outside of the plant cells causes water to move outside of the cells (osmosis) to try and equalize the concen

Do plants and animals both use oxygen?

Both plants and animals use oxygen in their body chemistry. Animals exhale carbon dioxide. Plants give off mostly oxygen during the daylight hours when photosynthesis occu

Can you separate both sugar and salt from water by filtration?

If both are dissolved in water completely then none of them can be separated, but if they are not completely dissolved then sugar can easily separated than salt. Filtration w