Do vampires show up in photographs?

Answer: . no. Answer: . It might be possible on a non-reflex lens camera (no mirror to reflect), digital camera or a piece of film in a pinhole camera. It depends on wh (MORE)

When did vampires show up?

Vampires were never invented. Like girls and celebrities Vampires always show up late. Its considered to be fashionable. Last time there were none here until about 11:15.
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When do vampires show up?

This assumes that there is a time when vampires have to go away. Vampires always arrive late and stay to the wee hours before dawn.. (Sigh) Before I continue, it might hel (MORE)

Why does someone else appear on avatar studio and how can you show up?

That's not supposed to happen...Make sure your not confusing your username with your password, always enter your USERNAME, and click LOAD. If you are doing this correctly an (MORE)