Why did Alexander the Great try to promote learning?

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he himself was taught by Aristotle
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Why did Alexander the Great try to conker the world?

There is no written record indicating why Alexander the Greatwanted to conquer as many countries as he could. It was most likelythe desire to create an immortal legacy and to

How did Alexander the great try to blend greek Persian cultures?

Alexander did a number of things to "blend" the cultures and create a brotherhood between Macedonians and Persians. After 329 BC, he adopted Persian clothes (white robe and sa

Was Alexander the Great a conscious promoter of Greek civilization or a egomaniac drunk with a lust for conquest?

He was both. . He attempted to introduce Greek culture as a civilisinginfluence amongst the peoples he took over, but was constantlydiverted by conquests until his early deat

Did Alexander the Great promote Greek civilization?

Yes. . He founded about 20 cities with his name «Alexandria « , for example Alexandria in Egypt with itslibrary- important learning center-. . Development of al