Why did Clarence thomas not attend the state of the union address?

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What is the purpose of the state of union address?

The State of the Union. Is an address from the president, usually intended on informing the public of what the leader is doing, such as his own opinion and how he would solve

Why do the justices of the US Supreme Court attend the State of the Union Address?

The justices attend the State-of-the-Union Address as a courtesy to the President and as representatives of the Judicial Branch of government. They are not required to atte

Did Clarence Thomas sit with the other US Supreme Court justices during President Obama's 2010 State of the Union address?

Justice Thomas didn't attend President Obama's first State of the Union address because, according to Thomas, the gatherings have become too partisan. In his February 3, 20

Which cabinet member does not attend the state of the union address?

Typically a junior Secretary does not attend, simply because of theconcept of a Designated Survivor, should some disaster befallWashington while the vast majority of administr

Who attends the state of the union speech?

It is given to a joint session of both houses of Congress and the Cabinet and other high-ranking government official usually attend. Of course, it is broadcast world-wide on T