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Why did Madison think governments were necessary?

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Why do you think is necessary for the president to have a Cabinet?

The cabinet secretaries all head the various departments. It is necessary for these departments to have a manager. It does not seem not absolutely necessary that they be app

Why does Madison think governments need to be controlled?

Madison believed the central government needed to be watched andcontrolled. Therefore, a set of checks and balances were anecessity to make sure no one branch of government ha

Why do you think Mystery Shopping is necessary?

Mystery shopping is necessary for companies to get an objective opinion on how their business is doing. If they used their own employees to evaluate their service and operatio

Why did Lincoln think that emancipation was necessary?

Most urgently, to keep the British out of the war by declaring it to be a war against slavery. Also to restore morale in the North by presenting the war as a crusade, not just

Why did Nigeria's government think it was necessary to move the country's capital to Abuja?

Nigeria comprises of several large states each with their own indigenous peoples, cultures and langaues. The thinking behind Abuja as a capital was to create a new state and n

What do you think of Thomas Paine's view of government as a necessary evil?

It's a reasonably self-evident assertion. So far, there's never been a government that didn't to some extent, sooner or later, abuse at least some of its citizens; since the t

What does James Madison think the purpose of the government is?

James Madison answers this question himself in Federalist Paper #10. In it he says "The diversity in the faculties of men, from which the rights of property originate, is not

Why did Alexander Hamilton think it was important to pay off the government bonds and why did Madison oppose the plan?

Hamilton hoped to strengthen the American economy by paying off the national debt. He thought it was very important for America to establish good credit with foreign countries

Why did the framers think a constitution was necessary?

The original documents were the Articles of Confederation. This document was a little to broad and did not provide the details needed to ensure that the Government would not b

Why is a government necessary?

A government is the political entity that exercises power in a state. It is the entity whic makes the decisions concerning all aspects of life in a country. Despite of whether