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Why did Madison think governments were necessary?

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Why does Madison think governments need to be controlled?

Madison believed the central government needed to be watched andcontrolled. Therefore, a set of checks and balances were anecessity to make sure no one branch of government ha

Why did James Madison believe that the government was necessary?

He did it because he knew that with the government we had we would be an easy target. He wanted this new country to be strong. Also, it wasn't just that. Through the Shay's Re

If men were angels no government would be necessary James Madison wrote the to urge support for the?

James Madison is of tech plurality. Government is of angels..look up techno of 2012 or the fact of our modern gluey wordings coming from the mouth...in mind it sounds more sav

What would James Madison think of our current condition in regards to our government?

Founding Father, James Madison would likely have mixed feelings  regarding our government today. He initially favored a strong  federal government, which at this point, is w

What does James Madison think the purpose of the government is?

James Madison answers this question himself in Federalist Paper #10. In it he says "The diversity in the faculties of men, from which the rights of property originate, is not

Why are governments not necessary?

Yes, many people believe many are excessive, however people cannot live without order created by most governments. They also provide better protection. The Native Americans ha
In Nigeria

Why did Nigeria's government think it was necessary to move the country's capital to Abuja?

Nigeria comprises of several large states each with their own indigenous peoples, cultures and langaues. The thinking behind Abuja as a capital was to create a new state and n

What do you think of Thomas Paine's view of government as a necessary evil?

It's a reasonably self-evident assertion. So far, there's never been a government that didn't to some extent, sooner or later, abuse at least some of its citizens; since the t