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Why did Witchcraft become a serious crime?

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What is the most serious type of crime?

  Legally speaking, the crime that carries the harshest of punishments is murder, especially first degree (premeditated) murder. The U.S. Supreme Court just ruled that thi

Why is witchcraft no longer a crime?

Witchcraft is still considered a crime in many countries. In others, its an accepted form of tradition. In the U.S.A. we have the religious right "to peaceably assemble" irreg

Is witchcraft a crime in Fiji?

There is no such thing as witchcraft being practised in Fiji. People who tend to do so will face serious consequence from the comunity elders and village priest.

How do you become serious?

You spend enough time with one another that you are comfortable doing most anything together and have fun even while doing otherwise boring activities or chores. You are not s

Why is witchcraft a crime?

In some areas, witchcraft is against the dominant religion. In others, it could be justified that some applications of witchcraft would be against the rights of another person

Why was witchcraft a crime?

This is a rather complex question. In all the world, in every culture, there has been some type of witchcraft. The most basic answer to you question would be that authority is

What is the most serious crime in England?

Since the theoretical mandatory death penalty was abolished for treason and piracy in 1998, then murder is arguably the most serious crime in English law since it has the high

When did witchcraft become a crime in England?

It is hard to know exactly when witchcraft became illegal in England, because our records are incomplete. King Athelstan had a law against them; he ruled from 923 or 924 to 93

What type of crime is witchcraft?

Witchcraft is not a crime, it is a spiritual path. There have been times and places throughout history where following any spiritual path that was not "the one in power", w
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Why wasn't witchcraft a crime anymore?

Witchcraft has moved from the favoured "boogie-man" of the Dogmatic religions into the light as what it really is. Witchcraft is a spiritual path that has been around since