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Why did my brown henna paste turn black?

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What is the chemical formula and name of black henna?

  The molecule is called paraphenylenediamine or 1,4-diaminobenzene or 1,4-phenylenediamine, and has formula C6H8N2.    You can see a picture of the molecule, and ge

When to take the henna paste off?

if you want it to be darker leave it on for as long as it can stay on even over night but if you want it to be light wash it off after 15 minutes

How do you make henna paste?

you can mix about 1/2 a cup of water with 100g of henna powder and add some lemon juice, but i would check a more reliable website first, as im not too sure if this method wor

How can you tell black henna from narmal henna?

I suppose you mean in powder form, Henna is never black so you won`t be able to buy it as a powder. People mix Henna with chemicals to get "black henna" which is very harmful

What color turns brown to black?

ok its dark purple and very dark blue. This is incorrect as the color black is a shade, therefor cannot be made, Dark Purple and Dark Blue is merely very dark, and im guessi

Is black henna bad for you?

Yes it's very bad. It causes alergic reactions and leaves scars. Google the effects of black henna. I use the brown henna and its amazing dont use the black one just because i

Can henna be black without being 'black henna' which is not natural and can scar?

No. Henna stains a reddish-brown color. Henna and an extract from the indigo plant can be used to color hair black... it will not color skin black. There's nothing magi