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Why did the Aztec empire have many enemies?

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Who was the leader of the Aztec empire?

The Aztecs were stationed in Mexico and had more than one leader. Leader #1. Acamapichtli. 2. Huitzilihuitl. 3. Chimalpopoca. 4. Itzcoatl. 5. Moctezuma ilhuicamina 6. Ax

Who where the Aztec enemies?

the Spanish were their enemy's and they attacked them with diseases and killed them unfortuntally.

Why is the Aztec empire important?

It was one of the most advanced civilizations in the Americas.

What were the strength of the Aztec empire?

Their warriors were the strongest, fastests, and best trainned out of all the other tribes in Mexico. Not only that but they had the biggest army which is what gave then a lot

Why Cortes attacked the Aztec Empire?

Because of greed for all the gold that the Aztecs were said to have. (They did, too)

How did the Aztec empire expand?

The empire expanded because the empire ruled and battled to gain more land and land. Like a stake. Everytime a new emperor was chosen, they had to get more land then they curr

How did the Aztec empire end?

  The conquistador Hernán Cortés (aka Hernando Cortez 1485-1547) conquered the Aztec empire in 1519 (and again in 1521) , and the tribes were subsequently decimated by E

Why was Tenochtitlan important to the Aztec empire?

Tenochtitlan was important to the Aztec empire because it contained monuments that were very important to the Aztec people back then. It contained the great temple, which was

Are Aztecs a military empire?

The Aztec Empire is long gone, it expired centuries ago, so it is not an empire of any kind, it is just a former empire. And when it existed it was not a military empire in th