Will the war in Iraq move to the United States?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIt depends, because if John Kerry became President, he would take the soldiers out of Iraq that means the Iraqis would come over here and they would (MORE)

Why is the United States involved in the War in Iraq?

because of the fact that if the Middle East is in a war then the world's oil and gas supply is cut. so in order to keep the flow of oil going, we decided to end it. but it's n (MORE)

What wars have the United States fight in?

aside from its own civil war... the Americans fought the british for their independence; they also fought against Spain during the spanish-American war which resulted to the P (MORE)

Should the United States get out of the Iraq War?

The question is a moot point considering that the United States has now left Iraq, but the bottom line was that there was nothing further for the American troops to do in Iraq (MORE)

Why did the United States declare war on Iraq?

Declared War Issue The war in Iraq was never a declared conflict. It was authorized bythe president and the Congress, according to the AUMF requirementof the War Powers Act, (MORE)

Why did the United states go to war with Iraq in 2003?

The US has been in conflict with Iraq several times. The leader of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, has, in the past, been a veryaggressive leader, continuing to launch attacks in Kuwa (MORE)