Why did the sugar act represent a major departure from previous British policy?

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How did the British react to the Sugar Act?

Answer . They were very upset that the colonists did not appreciate their generosity. It was only passed to defend the colonial borders and it was not used for the British

Who was the British chancellor who introduced the sugar act?

American importers were not paying the excessively high duty that had been placed on Sugar (molasses) by the Molasses Act of 1733. They found it cheaper to pay bribes of a pen

The Sugar Act was an effort by the British Parliament to?

They wanted to get money from the colonies through taxes. They had just fought in the French&Indian War and were in triple the nation's debt because the Prime Minister William

How did the British feel about the Sugar Act?

The British felt betrayed when it came to the Sugar Act. They feltthat they had been generous to the colonists since they had onlyplanned it to be used for securing colonial b

Why did british start sugar act?

They wanted to make extra money. They wanted a way to make money tohelp the East India Company. Also because they needed a way to paythier soldiers because the were protecting