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What is a track?

Answer   When you play track, all you do is run and run and run. If you love running then you will have fun with your friends, meeting new people, and running even more!

Can the pole position winner in F1 choose which side of the track he wants to start from?

  No. A certain circuit will always have the pole position on the same side of the track, although the side varies from circuit to circuit, often depending on the directio

What is TVL in cctv camera?

T.V.L. (Television Lines - Resolution): The maximum number of changes between light and dark on a picture across 3/4 of the width dictates the resolution of a CCTV product, me

1983 who killed king neal Wallace tvl?

It is said the the gds did it but the truth is the police did it and tried to frame the gds The above answer is totally wrong. Neil was killed by Alvin and Aaron Wade. They ar
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What does TVL stand for - CCTV camera related?

It stands for television lines.  It's the number of vertical lines used to span the horizontal width of the cameras.  The figure quoted is the number of vertical lines per h