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Is choose a preposition?

No, the word "choose" is a verb. A preposition is a word describes the location of the noun or pronoun, for example: The boat glided across the water. Some say it's easy to s

What does TVL stand for - CCTV camera related?

It stands for television lines.  It's the number of vertical lines used to span the horizontal width of the cameras.  The figure quoted is the number of vertical lines per h

Do you choose to be anorexic?

some say its a lifestyle choice, but if you REALLY are anorexic, it isn't a choice, its a mental state that you are cursed with until you get medical help.

What is TVL in cctv camera?

T.V.L. (Television Lines - Resolution): The maximum number of changes between light and dark on a picture across 3/4 of the width dictates the resolution of a CCTV product, me

What is the full form of cctv tvl?

TVL belongs to the number of tv lines in the camera and it is refered to the resolution and the gratitude of the images and the videos

1983 who killed king neal Wallace tvl?

It is said the the gds did it but the truth is the police did it and tried to frame the gds The above answer is totally wrong. Neil was killed by Alvin and Aaron Wade. They ar

Does the government track you on track phones?

Yes. The whole reason that it is called a track phone is because the government is tracking you while you use it. It's really smart of them. But this is secret information. No

What is Track From track and field?

Track events are running on a track ie. 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 800m, 1500m and hurdles. For 100m you would run one quarter of the way around the track. Field events are event

Do you choose God or does God choose you?

God chooses you. God calls people it is up to people to respond. Rom 8:30 Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and

Do you choose God or does He choose us?

(Full extracts are given to get the verses in context). God chose people, often from the bottom of the heap (unlike man, who would choose from among the best) :- 1Co 1:22 For

How large is a track in track and field?

The majority of running tracks measure 400 meters (437.2 yards) in length. They are usually laid out with each straight section 100 meters, and each turn 100 meters respective