Why didnt Jonathan and Jennifer Hart have kids in the TV series Hart to Hart?

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What is a hart?

Hart spelt like this is an old English word for a stag, male deer. Spelt like this: heart, it is the organ that pumps blood around the body.

Who plays Jennifer Edwards-Hart in 'Hart to Hart'?

Stefanie Powers [b. November 2, 1942] plays Jennifer Edwards-Hart in 'Hart to Hart'. Her husband, Jonathan Hart, is played by Robert Wagner [b. February 10, 1930]. The televi

Which career does Jennifer have in 'Hart to Hart'?

Journalism is the career that Jennifer Edwards-Hart has pursued in the television series 'Hart to Hart'. The same talents for observation, investigation and analysis that ser

How many tv movies were made of hart to hart?

The orignal "Hart to Hart" television series ran from 1979 to 1984. . "Hart to Hart Returns" (1993) . "Hart to Hart: Home Is Where the Hart Is" (1994) . "Hart to Hart: C