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What is a Catholic priest?

This is an ordained man who is authorized to administer the rites of the Catholic church. Catholic AnswerA priest is an authorized mediator between God and man, he is authoriz (MORE)

Were women ever Catholic priests?

No. Women serve as nuns. However, several women were apparentlyordained by a bishop in 2002 in express violation of Vaticandirectives and canon law.
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Why do Catholics have to have a priest?

Answer   A Priest is to the Kingdom of Heaven what a public servant is to the State. He is there to provide the benefits of the Kingdom of heaven to those authorised to r (MORE)
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Why do Catholics have priests?

Catholics have priest 1) because lay people (any ordinary catholic)  can not distributed, or concrecrate they Host, or Body and Blood of  Christ. Priest also can, through th (MORE)
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Are Franciscan priests Catholic priests?

Franciscans priests, known as friars, are Catholic priests who are members of the Order of Friars Minor (OFM). There are several branches of Franciscans such as the Capuchin F (MORE)

How many Catholic priests are pedophiles?

Another answer from a Catholic member of our community:    The vast majority of priests are not paedophiles, although there  has been a tiny percentage of them. There (MORE)

What does a Catholic priest do all day?

Roman Catholic AnswerThat is a tough one, due to the extremely diverse nature of the jobs that priests have. At the one end of the scale, you might have a priest in a Carthusi (MORE)

What do Catholic priests have with ancient Egypt's priests?

Nothing, really, other than the name "priest", and the fact that they both offer sacrifice. In the ancient world a priest was a priest because he offered sacrifice to the God (MORE)