Why do Taliban's go against girls education?

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Why is religion against sex education?

All religions are against sex education because sex education does not forbid sex but explains it more and provides people information that helps them stay safe from STD's whi

Why are people against sex education?

ANSWER: because it's disgusting and their are more teenagers now that are getting pregnant then when there wasn't any sex education ANSWER: The above statement is fals

What is Taliban's capital?

As a Terrorist group, they do not have a capital.However, they do have areas where they are based, and receive certain things.Some of these areas could be considered "Capitals

Why the girls are not educated?

Some girls pretend to "act" stupid but we are actually smart. Its a act to get attention basically. I am a blond and I sometimes act that way to get attention and it works but

What is taliban's goal?

The taliban want to destroy non-Muslims, so the world can be full of Muslims, although that won't resolve things because it could cause arguments between Muslims themselves. T

Im a girl and i happen to love ONE girl other then that i am in love with boys does this make me bi for liking this one girl and how do i get over her i am scared i am going against god and the bible?

You need to avoid seeing the girl. i.e avoid areas where she will be and its all mind discipline. You are right about going against God's Will and the Bible so let the fear of

Why were people against obama's education speech?

Some individuals took objection to the Education Department's posting of a proposed lesson plan, incuding the option of students writing letters to the president listing ways

How was the education of Spartan girls different from the education of Athenian girls?

They had more freedom in Sparta, they got to learn how to read andwrite and go to school while in Athens they weren't aloud to dothose things and had to learn weaving and othe

Where can I go for an Education?

Most countries, in exception for developing countries in Africa and so on, offer public education in a school or educational facility of some sort. If you are older and are

Why did brown v try to go against the board of education?

The Brown's daughter was not allowed to enroll in the all white school, so they sued. Thourgood Marshall was their attorney and he argued that "separate but equal" was not equ