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Why do Taliban's go against girls education?

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Who is the girl in the education connection commercial?

Andreanna Veith is the actress in the Education Connection  commercial, where she played a singing waitress. She also appeared  in the film, Austin Powers: International Man

What are the advantages of educating girls?

The advantages would be so that girls can be more aware of their surroundings/society. Lacking awareness will not give them a chance to speak out against what they do not beli

Why is education of girl child a burden?

There are many societal and religious beliefs related to the education of girls. Girls are being forbidden from receiving education because of the patriarchal families in so

What is about Muslim girls education?

According to the teachings of Islam, education is very important. The first revealed word of the Quran commanded the believers to "Read!" This command did not distinguish bet

Education for girls in olden days?

Most wealthy girls were educated in the home while the boys went to school by governesses who would teach them all that women had to know back then (as they were very shocking

How were girls educated in Athens?

Girls in Athens were just taught to do house work the were not aloud to be as productive as the boys they were to learn sewing and cooking mostly from there mothers though.

What is taliban's goal?

The taliban want to destroy non-Muslims, so the world can be full of Muslims, although that won't resolve things because it could cause arguments between Muslims themselves. T

Why is religion against sex education?

All religions are against sex education because sex education does not forbid sex but explains it more and provides people information that helps them stay safe from STD's whi

What is Taliban's capital?

As a Terrorist group, they do not have a capital.However, they do have areas where they are based, and receive certain things.Some of these areas could be considered "Capitals
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Why should a girl child be educated?

The more education she will get, the more money she can make and more she can help her children learn their studies.

How was the education of Spartan girls different from the education of Athenian girls?

They had more freedom in Sparta, they got to learn how to read and  write and go to school while in Athens they weren't aloud to do  those things and had to learn weaving an