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Why do cucumbers scare cats?

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Why are cats scared?

  because they were frighted or startled................ or they are scardy cats. LOL!

What are cats scared of?

Cats can be scared of dogs and things that pounce. They attack them to proctect themselves. Or... LARGE mice!

What scares cat?

Loud or unfamiliar noises, sometimes dogs, some cats are naturally shy so can be scared by their own shadow!

How can you scare a cat?

Wait till its asleep and then sneak up on it and grab it. That should scare the cat. If not just pour water on it. But...why scare a cat? It may be fun for you, but for the c

What scares cats?

Anything that seems unusual or threatening, or something that has previously attacked it.

Can cats eat cucumbers?

most of the time cats won't eat things that are bad to them so if your cat ate a cucumber i think it should be ok.

How do you get out a scared cat?

Talk nicely and calmly to it, a distance away, and make yourself heard as you approach, talking to youself softly. Bend down and hond your hand out and make little kissing sou

How do you get a cat not to be scared of me?

indrduce your self dont be scared of it relax and give it a treat. If it is your cat in your home, then you can try to put nice looking shelves on the wall so the cat can get