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Why do news organizations sometimes have biases?

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What is biased?

if applying to people, something or some one who has been influenced in a particular way, could be an unfair way. If applying to objects, something that might cause the object

What is biasing?

Biasing is method to provide proper DC supply to devices like BJT and op-amp and without Biasing the device will not properly work

Is news biased?

Take the following examples: MSNBC wants to be an un-bias network - but with political co-anchors like Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, their accomplishing exactly the opp

What are biases?

Biases are when people already have an opinion and a stance on something. For example, if the people in the courtroom believed that the defendant was guilty, there is little t

What organic foods are sometimes bad for you?

Like any foods, organically grown foods can become contaminated  with unhealthy organisms, which means they would be bad for you.  Unless that happems. organic foods are hea

What nightly news network is least biased?

Nightly news is no different from regular daytime news. Every network that has a news program is usually biased towards one side or the other, some more than others. Let me ma

Were the disciples of Jesus who wrote the New Testament biased?

Only in so much as eyewitnesses can be said to be biased.    Previously, they were biased against the Resurrection since they did not believe it was possible for a cruc

Is the news media biased against Christians?

Opinion Consider that it is not at all biased, but that many Christians have been so accustomed to an overt bias towards Christianity in the media that, when the same news med

Why do organs need transplanting sometimes?

Organs get transplanted due to disease or deformity. So if a person's heart started to fail due to disease, they may be eligible for a new heart if any are available and have