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Why do news organizations sometimes have biases?

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What nightly news network is least biased?

Nightly news is no different from regular daytime news. Every network that has a news program is usually biased towards one side or the other, some more than others. Let me ma

Why is the new moon sometimes visible?

Because of the sun light reflecting off of it.   Update:   Normally new moons are invisible since the moon is between the  Earth and Sun. However during the rare sola

Is news biased?

Take the following examples: MSNBC wants to be an un-bias network - but with political co-anchors like Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, their accomplishing exactly the opp

Unicellular organisms sometimes found in hot springs?

There ARE actually! Scientists are currently studying them and are observing that they don't follow several of the characteristics of life. They are not bacteria and are dif