Why do so many people in the US adopt from other countries?

Answer . If a couple wants a baby adopting isn't as easy as you think and there are many rules and regulations that come with the U.S. Adoption Agencies. Age is a factor; (MORE)

In Georgia can gay people adopt each other?

Yes, gay adults in Georgia (and some other states) sometimes adopteach other in order to gain rights not available to them otherwise.However this is no longer a widely practic (MORE)

Why do people visit other countries?

Sometimes, people visit another country as tourists, to learn more about it and to see the sights; in some cases, they visit because they have a friend in that country. Other (MORE)

How many people are from other countries?

There are 300 million people in the United States. Earth'spopulation is 7 billion. This means 6.7 billion people are fromother countries--assuming the person asking the questi (MORE)

Why do people emigrate to other countries?

For a better quality of life - which means different things to different people. For some, it means a better paid job, more career prospects, the chance of working on an imp (MORE)