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Is the Bible anti rich people?

Some would say that, according to the New Testament, the Bible is anti-rich:   Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. And aga (MORE)

Where do rich people live in Spain?

In a generic answer, wealthier people tend to live more in cities than in the country side. However, in a more specific answer, Northern Spain tends to be more wealthier than (MORE)
In Hungary

Are the people of Hungary rich or poor?

some parts of Hungary people are RICH and in other parts people are POOR that's only because that's how they choose to live their lifes and some times people just end up lost (MORE)

Why do rich people eat caviar?

Rich people eat caviar because it is expensive, and they like to think they are special. Some people actually like it. They are fish eggs of sturgeon, the most expensive is Be (MORE)

How do people become rich?

1-You could either start your own business or you could start saving up money while you are a little kid. . . . . . Another way you could earn more money is to enter in the lo (MORE)

Where do rich people live in Honolulu?

I would say the core neighborhood of the rich in Honolulu would be the Kahala-Diamond Head area. There are also rich neighborhood colonies going towards the Hawaii Kai side (W (MORE)

Are people in France rich?

Just like most countries throughout the world, France has its various classes based on income. There are some very rich people in France, but there are also some very poor peo (MORE)