Were will you meet the rich people to make you rich?

You do not meet people that make you rich. Rich people stick together, poor people stick together. That how society works. If you want to become rich, you need to beco (MORE)

Why are people rich?

No, it's not because they think they're better than anyone else. They work very very hard. They take up subjects in college like medicine and law. My parents were poor when th (MORE)

Why do people hate rich people?

Because most of the time, rich people are so stuck up. EDIT: It's a common stereotype - something which has become quite common so people assume every other person who is ri (MORE)
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Can people be rich?

being rich is not easy u dont just ring a bell and get millions of dollars. You have to work for it by jobs and be careful with what u want buy only appropriate things. For ex (MORE)

What do rich people do?

It depends on the rich people. Some are playboys, but most workvery hard. Many billionaires, including Warren Buffett and BillGates, have sworn to donate half their wealth to (MORE)