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Why do soils have different masses?

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This is due to different soil compositions.
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Different facts about what soil has to have in order to be soil?

Dirt, huh? Stuff to grow plants and such I guess your wondering. Plants require a mix of finely ground up rock commonly called dirt, but more than that is needed for most livi

How can soil be different?

Soils can be different in many different way. It depends on the amount of humus it has in it, Where the soil came from it's environment, the PH the amount of chemicals there a

How is one soil different from another soil?

There are a lot of differences but the main few are how acidic they are (different plants grow better with different acid levels) how nutrient rich soil is, and how it will re

How do forest soils different from prairie soils?

Prairie soils developed many yards thick, whereas forest soils tend to be much thinner. Prairie grasses grow very deep roots, then when buffalo came along and ate it or tramp

What is soil and what are the different types of soil?

Soil is a substance in which there is moisture ans nutrients for plants and animals live in and grow. Some types of natural soil: Sand, dirt, leaf mulch There are far too m